Meditation check-in?


I have felt my throat chakra tightly closed and refusing to open. Working my way up the spine, I had a very dim root chakra, feeble sacral chakra, bright solar plexis, my heart chakra shone out like Iron Man, then my throat was like a little rock. All my concentration there only made my actual throat tighten up like it does when you start to cry. I was going through a bad time then. Feeling powerless. So it makes sense.

Actually, I do still have trouble with the throat chakra. It is associated with hearing, the ears, listening, speaking, communication, creativity and self-expression.

What do you think might be the significance of feeling like the right side of your brain is closed off? What does it represent to you? The right side of the brain is associated with creativity and non-verbal thinking.

I have been very stressed lately, going through menopause, daughter just moved to Japan and she is homesick, work... nothing really serious, but I am holding it in. My right eye has started to twitch lately...this is all I can come up with. Went to a meditation workshop on Saturday and cried through the first meditation, then I noticed the feeling on the right side of my brain. I will give your question some more thought. I know the feeling of my throat tightening up, it is a very stressful feeling. Thank you for your reply.


Fri 20 Jul - walking to work 'Om gum ganapatayei namaha'. :)


Going for a long cycling ride today, I do a lot of soul searching on these rides, I do consider this a fourm of meditation. Happy Saturday!


Took advantage of the glorious sunshine and sat out in the garden doing a gratitude prayer followed by 15 minutes of breathing meditation.


getting in my daily meditations. I am going to add meditation time to the end of my group training sessions (I am a personal trainer). Many of my clients are interested in meditation and they asked me to help them get started. Very excited to be able to help others. Will start them off with a simple breathing meditations. I do have a few CDs, think I will use them at first.


I have been collecting guided meditation CD/itunes for my meditation class. If any of you have suggestions... looking for something for beginners and short no more than 15 minutes.

Hope you all are still meditating daily..


I missed some days on the Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge but I am catching up. I had a really good meditation today.