Meet your guides: excercise one


I think we should start with a light excercise, spot the symbol, its best to try this experiment for a week, because i am sure there will be days when you dont spot it, thats normal.

1) Think about a symbol, this needs to be something you wouldnt normally see everyday, something that would be very unusual to see. This symbol can be an animal or a flower, or a shape, anything really.

2) sit in a quiet place (even a toilet counts) for a few mins concentrating on the symbol, and also draw it out on a piece of paper to cement this in your mind.

3)Ask your guide to show this symbol to you for the next week, as confirmation of his/her/its presence.

4)everyday look at the symbol, if need be, redraw it each morning to focus your mind on it. try and remember to keep your eye out for the symbol, you should see if every day, and sometimes multiple times. Aim to try and see it atleast once a day.

5)make a note in the excercise one thread daily noting when and where you saw it, also make a note if you did not see it.

Very important to understand that you might not see the symbol in the place you expect it, so if you pick an animal you often wont see if on a pavement/road or garden, so you have to widen your expectations, expect to see it everywhere.
Remember that you never fail, you just might not see it. we often spend much of our time on autopilot, and this helps us to start truly seeing again.

good luck
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I thought i would write an experience i had doing this excercise a few years ago, i spent days looking for my symbol which was the Star of David.

I spent many days lookingl, and failing to see anything faintly looking like the star of david. I took my guides to task for not showing me this symbol, i was frustrated and annoyed with my guides and myself, this happened day , after day.
Finally about 2 weeks after asking for the symbol, i had given up thinking i would see it. I was in a coffee shop with a friend who does palmistry, she brought some palmistry cards with her and we were chatting about it. a man with his children were on the next table, after a few mins he came up after seeing the palmistry cards saying that he wanted to know what the lines on his hands were, i tried to wave him off, but he was insistant, so i looked at his hands......he had two perfect star of davids on his hand, i had never seen this before. i had to laugh a bit later when i realised i finally saw the symbl from my guide, and i nearly missed that!

Sometimes we need to look and really see...

I recomend buying a notebooks to make notes


It actually worked! :party:

I chose an acorn as my symbol, because it was the first thing that came into my head. While I was out running errands this afternoon, I looked everywhere, but didn't see any acorns.

Then, about 45 minutes ago, I was sitting here in my chair and looked down to see, right at my feet, a picture of several acorns on the back of my son's copy of the book Chicken Soup With Rice. :D

What a great feeling!! So I thanked my guide(s).

Grip Dellabonte

First thought that came in my head was a white rose. It was not a real rose, but an illustrated one. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I am going to be on the lookout for ALL white roses this week. :D

Thanks for starting this, 214red. :)


This sounds interesting. I've decided that my symbol will be a triangle. I'm going to be very specific that it has to be a true triangle, with three sides. So no arrows, chevrons, zigzags or peaked roofs.

I haven't made the specific "request to my guides" yet. I'll probably do that tonight while I'm meditating, or maybe tomorrow morning.


I chose a 50 cent piece. It was the first thing that came to my mind, really. Perhaps my guides telling me to chose it? :D

I did have quarters appear for me for weeks on end whenever i had left the house and come home again. I'm certain now that it was my deceased father, though at first I was not sure who was leaving them for me. So, why not try the 50 cent piece?

I have not yet asked my guides, as today was a day filled w/errands and friends and such. so, tonight, I'll start and ask the guides to show them to me, and beginning tomorrow, I'll concentrate on a 50 cent piece! :D

red, i recall that experience you had. I remember you posting something about it here. very cool! my palms have nothing quite so interesting to see like that! lol!

OctoberGwen, once again, very good for spotting your acorn so quickly! :)


We'll see what tomorrow brings. :) I like the idea of starting my day with a quick focus, expressing my wish to see the acorn, and drawing a card to reflect what I need to be aware of.


I am going with a zebra. I have not yet asked my guide but will do so before going to sleep.

Keavy McGee

The 1st thing that came in my mind was a shamrock...but I'm going to be seeing them everywhere this week!!

So now it is a yo-yo!! I will ask my guides tonight before beddy-bye.

Thanks, red, great group and great idea!!



Cactus Dahlia

I'm looking out for a unicorn.