message for Pedeka



I rcvd. your email, but since I am still learning how to get round this board, I wasn't sure how to respond to a private email-that's why I put this thread here. I wanted to let you know I took down your information and will get back to you soon. Today is my birthday and I'm going for a drive up the Umpqua river close to Roseburg, Oregon with family. I am happy to practice readings, that's why I use another site as well as this one, ''. It seems to work best for me right now, to practice readings for others in addition to reading about tarot and doing readings on myself. I have very little opportunity right now to do readings for others, so I'm happy for the opportunity!

I will contact you soon, but please look for this thread, I'll post my results here, unless you want me to post it privately? I don't know how to do that. Let me know please, thanks



Hi there, just found this. Do it however you feel the most comfortable. But to private me, you just need to go to the bottom of this thread and click on the button labeled PM.
Thanks again