Minchiate Etruria by Il Meneghello


Hi all-

I recently ordered this deck and it came today. I was surprised and slightly disappointed when I opened it up and discovered the cards have a plastic coating. I say slightly because it is still a very beautiful deck. I have always loved the unfinished aspect of Il Meneghello's cards and did not know they ever used lamination.

Does anyone know if there is an unlaminated version of this deck floating around out there?

Just curious.

Bat Chicken

I have this deck - it is printed on coated stock, but not laminated.... I quite like it....


It is coated on mine too. A slightly plasticy feel but not to the excessive degree that the mass-published decks have.

I MUCH prefer the Minchiate Fiorentine (also by Il Meneghello). The cards have more personality, and the matte cardstock they generally use and that I love.


I agree jackdaw*, the Fiorentine is a very cool deck. I have it also. When I ordered the Etrutia, I expected it would be unfinished as well, but alas it wasn't meant to be.

Il Meneghello did do a really classy job with the finish though, as you mentioned. I like it a lot. But I have LS's version of the Etruria which has a more or less plastic feel. It would be nice now to find one on unfinished stock, if such a thing exists.

Bat Chicken

What are the main differences between the Etruria and the Fiorentine?


Hi Bat Chicken-

One of the main differences would be the backs. The Fiorentine has the same wraparound borders on the front, but the back design itself is a grayish, abstract geometric pattern.

The Etruria looks to me like copper engravings, while the Fiorentine looks like woodblock carvings with stencil coloring. Thus, the detail is much more refined on the Etruria, but as jackdaw* mentioned, the Fiorentine has "personality" that is quite different from the Etruria.

The Etruria is older. The box says 1725 while the Fiorentine says 19th century.

The images, while being basically the same, have differences too. The coloring being one of the main differences.

Tarot Garden has some scans of both decks.

Bat Chicken

Thanks, Abrac!


No problem Bat Chicken.

The more I think about it the more I like these coated cards. It gives them an elegant look and feel befitting the engraved images.

I didn't really notice it until I got the Fiorentine out and did a side-by-side comparison. I guess the folks at Il Meneghello know what they are doing after all. ;)


Ah, are these the two decks you're discussing here? (Tarot Garden's data base brings up four):


I've got the Il Menghello Soprafino on a lightly coated card stock--not shiny, but with a slightly waxy look to it. I like it very much, as it makes the cards useable, unlike the rough uncoated ones that are also beautiful but threaten to absorb every bit of oil or sweat on one's fingers....


Yup that's the ones. Thanks for posting the links.

The Soprafino is another finely engraved deck which I can imagine looks very nice with a coat of finish on it. I have two of them but neither one is finished. I am now contemplating putting a coat on one of them, if I can get up the nerve.