Minchiate Fiorentine - Questions about the red background

Rusty Neon

In the Minchiate Fiorentine deck
most of the major arcana and all of the minor arcana have a beige background. However, Leo, Taurus, Star, Moon, Sun, World and Fame have red background. A mixture of two origins or two different published versions?

I'm curious why.


Hi Rusty Neon

I think I remember reading somewhere that that has to do with the game that was played with these cards. Those would be the highest trumps (Gemini is red as well) so perhaps they are scored differently and the player needs to be able to see at a glance that they have them?


Rusty Neon

Thanks for the information and the lead, myrrha!

I was just poking around on google and found this article of Tom Little's on the Minchiate deck and game scoring: