The tarot seems to have the following associations:

trumps- fool's journey, spiritual path, alpha and omega

wands-energy, passion, lust, creativity, action, instinct

cups-communion, fellowship, love, emotions, guidance

swords-force, reason, ideology, beliefs, strife

pentacles-matter, senses, work, epicurean comfort, health

trumps wands cups swords pentacles
jester peasant clergy royalty merchant
be do feel think have
art nature faith science trade
satori fortitude tmprnc justice prudence
king queen knight page
fire water air earth
chem. liquid gas solid
fiery introvrt challenge stable
desire emotion reason senses
inspire fantasize plan results
yang yin yang yin
masc. fem. masc. fem.
outer inner outer inner
light light dark dark
red blue yellow green
id superego ego ---
psych. personify patholog. deh.
(soul) (spirit) conscious senses
strength temprnc justice prudence
Leo Pisces Libra Virgo