minor arcana; suit progression


Maybe this is because I do not have the book, but does anyone else have difficulty seeing how some of the meanings evolve and progress from ace to king for each suit? Can anyone give a brief description, or would that be too time consuming?

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I understand your feelings. I love the Fey tarot, and I enjoy particularly meditating on the images. I do see connections from one image to the next, but I believe it takes meditation and reflection to do so. It's fun, also, to make up stories as you progress from one to the next, orperhaps a longer narrative. Don't worry about being "right" just enjoy the process. I think you'll find that the depth of the images will guide you to new adventures. Have fun. BB, Michael


thanks for your advice!

thanks Michael, I'll try that!


follow up

Just wondering how it's going?? I think it's fun to try to see a progression in the cards, perhaps even invent a story line or two that would explain the images. It's a fun way to interact with the cards. Hope you are enjoying the Fey! BB, Michael