minors and numerological systems


hi guys,

this has probably been discussed already, but i'm curious:
when comparing/contrasting the minor arcana, do you have numerological systems that you use? the one that my friend and mentor mary gave me goes like this:

aces: essence of suit, beginnings
2: pairs, teams, synergy
3: the abstract, intangibles, thoughts, talk
4: structure
5: people, social structures
6: balance, harmony
7: "the hand of god" (she declined to elaborate on this one :) )
8: motion, progress
9: completion
10: taking it up a notch, birth, consciousness, flowering

in my individual work with the tarot, i've started to change it around some, so that 2s are for opposites and 3s are for teams, etc...

does anyone else do this? what are your systems?


Mine is similar, but three's are for growth, fours are for stability, and fives are for struggles and challenges.



Hey, Emily2Otters, I've tried numerological systems without much success, but I like yours. I'm going to try it! :)

-- Lee


The list given is quite similar to mine, with some significant differences:

Ace - Raw force or impulse and essense of the element;
2 - balance or balancing
3 - communication or movement
4 - stability or fixity
5 - challenge or
(astrologically understood) square
6 - harmony
7 - spiritual input or guidance
8 - abundance
9 - illusion
10 - completion or plenitude/fullness

Each of these, of course, has to be interpreted according to the element and situation at hand.



I'm a bit into cabbalah, so I use
the Tree of Life. No
need to elaborate it here, you can find
many explanations in the net,
e.g. on http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/sefTorah.html