missing Faeries

Laura Borealis

My Faeries are short by two... the Dark Lady and the Soul Shrinker went away last summer. I've given up trying to find them around my house; I think they left me in a coffeeshop several months ago.

I sent email to Simon & Schuster because I couldn't find a separate contact address for Fireside, the division of S&S that published the Faeries' Oracle. I asked if it would be possible to purchase replacement cards. For some reason, I'm not expecting any response. But I could be wrong.

Has anyone here ever gotten replacement cards? if so, did you get them from the publisher? I thought about writing the Frouds' website, also, but thought I'd save that if S&S doesn't come through.

Part of me also wonders if it would actually be better for me to accept that my Faerie community is now different, minus two strong personalities, and just go with the flow. :p Yet I feel like something is missing...

September Pixie


I have from Llewellyn though, I am sure they will replace them for you.
I found this address at World of Froud for you
Message for The Frouds
ATTN: R Gould
4195 Crisp Canyon
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
I looked for a toll free number but did not find one.
Good luck.

I aslo found this for you to try
http://www.imaginosis.com/ you can email the company directly

Laura Borealis

Thank you both! These are good options if Simon & Schuster don't come through.

So Imaginosis is the Frouds' publicist? These professional relationships are rather foreign to me... I think that will be my next route of inquiry.

I'd rather not replace my whole deck, but if I have to I will -- and then I'll have an almost-deck to share with anyone else who has lost cards. :) I'm glad to see that they are available so inexpensively on eBay -- thank you --


September Pixie

You are more than welcome :) I got mine on Ebay for about $5! All cause one corner of the box is torn! The cards inside were perfect and still wrapped.. I don't think the box was ever really opened, just lightly imperfect.. besides.. when do my faeries stay in the box anyway?! :D

Wisp Wings

There is the set (book and deck) right now on ebay and the current bid is $4.50 !! I would buy that.

Another suggestion is to join the Yahoo Group of The Faeries' Oracle where Jesa Macbeth is the founder. I would suggest to ask her direct. If they do a replacement of a card or a few cards, she could help you with that. I have a thread on here somewhere talking of the groups she has on Yahoo.

Good luck either way you go in solving this.


Well you could always buy a set on EBay and then if you get the cards replaced, you will have a trade-able.


When I had a problem with my Cosmic Tribe tarot I contact the publisher and they sent me an entire replacement set for free. So I would say write both S&S and Imaginosis and see if anyone will help you.

Once you get a replacement deck, I would highly encourage you to keep the deck you currently have. The faeries seem to have reasons for everything they do so keep them.

Depending on how much you use your faeries oracle, and how much you love the deck having a replacement set can be a cool thing. I have an extra set I got at a great price, just so if my deck wears out (years from now) and the faeries oracle happened to go out of print I would have a back-up copy. What can I say ... I know that sounds paranoid, but better safe than sorry *LOL*

Good luck on getting your replacement cards or deck.

Laura Borealis

A representative of Simon & Schuster sent me email this morning. They are going to replace the cards for free! She was very nice about it. :)

*Does a happy faerie dance* (This looks like a combination of the Snoopy dance and morris dancing with the bells on the shins and all. Very blush-worthy should anyone see besides you all --and the faeries, of course)

:D Thanks everyone for your suggestions. :D


I am so happy that you are getting the cards. I would dance with you but I am afraid that I do not know the morris part of the dance *LOL*