Mixing two faerie decks of the same kind???


While I know that some have combined FO and HoF together as one deck, I was wondering if anyone has ever mixed the faeries in the way of combining two of the same faerie decks in order to create a double deck of the same kind?

Jessica Macbeth suggested doing so in this interview (near the bottom)... http://jamesricklef.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/deck-creator-forum-faeries-oracle/

Jessica Macbeth (from the above link on James Ricklef's Tarot blog) said:
"I’d also like to add that I’ve found it useful to have several decks of the Faeries’ Oracle mixed together, so it is quite possible for the same card to come up in all three positions of a three-card reading. They wanted to be able to do that."

I just bought a second faeries oracle as a back-up (which is my plan; to have a back-up), but I'm actually very intrigued by this idea... to give the cards a chance of appearing as doubles. What do you all think? Has anyone tried this?

When I first came across that, I thought it was a little much since I didn't want to buy so many of them, but I just got the second at a bargain price, so now I am considering it... :)


I have never done it, but I have done it with Tarot Decks. I also find it enlightening to have many of the same Cards pop up.

I usually draw 1 card with FFO, making sure I reshuffle and redraw. Also, some of the cards are my favourite friends and banes of my existence so they come up a lot in readings others do for me as well... makes me feel like they are extra extra relevant. I'd be happy though if my thyroid issues are resolved and Arval Parrot is never seen again ;)


That's really cool that you have done that with the tarot before!

I got the second deck and piled it on top of my other deck, but it actually ended up not feeling right. I like the idea, but I have small hands and it just seemed not as handy.. so I indeed have stored the second as a back-up. I also use the one-card at a time method you described. Doing it that way makes it feel like a free flowing conversation with the Faeries, because I'll have a few questions in mind, begin with the first question and draw a card, and sometimes that one card ends up answering all the questions I had, or it brings up new questions that I had not considered before!

Tee hee... I too get the same faces popping up as well. It always makes me smile! :)