Modern Marseilles


If this isn't the appropriate area on the forum- please feel free to move. I just figured there might be more luck here.

Other than Le Tarot Noir, Mon Tarot de Marseille from the now defunct Tarotland site, or the unavailable De La Rea, are there any other modern interpretations/decks?

Not modern productions trying to maximize or restore historical woodblock looks, but a modern take on the idea and style.

Don't throw rocks! I just cannot seem to love the traditional ones but love the idea of a modern recreation.

I guess the Ludvig is almost there- but looking for something more along the lines of the more modern decks listed first.

Thanks all.


I'm not sure if this will fit your criteria, but I find ISIS Tarot de Marseille to be a lovely deck......

For some reason, I didn't want to suggest the ISIS, but I am glad that you did, Samweiss. It is not modern in the sense that the images necessarily reflect modern life. However, the artistic style is modern, with color shading instead of hash marks: It takes full advantage of modern printing techniques. Moreover, it is a very faithful rendering of the Conver deck images except for the shading.

This is my absolutely favorite Tarot deck. It is sublimely beautiful, and in my opinion, it is what the Conver TdM would look like if the artist could have taken advantage of modern printing techniques.

I love the artistic beauty of the Italian decks, such as the Soprafino, but I have found them to be less than accommodating to my reading style.


Thanks all- these will definitely get me started. :)


Does the tarot balbi count? I wouldn't call it traditional but it does consist of majors and pips. And I just love the art on this deck. Front and back. It's very 80s, but that's more modern than 15th century...

The Happy Squirrel

'Modern' = Marseilles style ? = pip only minors?
-Liz Dean's Golden Tarot
- Nissanka Tarot (not sure if this is modern as such as it is in the style of ancient Srilanka)