Modern Spellcaster's Tarot aka Magical Spellcaster Tarot


Thank you for pointing me to the right forum discussion, but as you've posted it's indeed very sparse. I, for my side of things, don't know much about these cards, so that's why I'm here, seeking information.

Lol. Yes. It ended up being mostly me (Study group), and it's sad not having anyone to play with.
Plus I'm currently having a batch of months of "there's way too much other stuff on my plate" going on right now.
But... perhaps you've encouraged me to continue, now you've mentioned it again... ;)

Glass Owl

I also love that the artist has designed cards for Magic: The Gathering, a game I adore.
Oh, i think this explains why the art style seemed familiar to me. I have been on the fence about this deck as some cards in it bug me (especially the 3 of swords, Hierophant, and the Devil) but overallI I think it is a stunning deck.



Yes, the art is stunning and very evocative. I confess I have problems identifying the symbols in most of the cards, but it also provokes me to find what those symbols mean. It's a nice research.


Definitely bought this on a whim simply because of the art!


athenafletcher, what are your thoughts about the deck so far?

Hi, athenafletcher. How have your readings with the deck been so far? Any thoughts?