Modified tree of life and attributions

Pythagoras 1/10

I have previously written a post about the tetractys and my attributions to it. However, since then I have thought more on the subject and believe I have improved on them.

Well then, I think it is time to get to the attributions!

Kiter-Binah: The Moon
Kiter-Hokhmah: The Sun
Binah-Hokhmah: The World
Keter-Tif'eret: The Star
Binah-Tif'eret: Justice
Hokhmah-Binah: Judgment
Binah-Gevurah: The Priestess
Hokhmah-Hesed: The Hierophant
Gevurah-Tif'eret: The Devil
Hesed-Tif'eret: Strength
Gevurah-Hod: The Tower
Gevurah-Yesod: The Hanged Man
Hesed-Netzah: The empress
Hesed-Malkhut: The emperor
Tif'eret-Netzaht: Temperance
Tif'eret-Hod: The Lovers
Hod-Yesod: The Chariot
Hod-Netzah: The Magician
Malkhut-Netzah: The Hermit
Yesod-Tif'eret: Death
Malkhut-Tif'eret: Fortune

In this setup the fool is transitory he learns from all the others and has little of himself (he is usually numbered zero). He could however be placed between Kiter and da'at.

Although I have made some major differences to the usual connections used I don't see a problem in this considering the vast differences in depictions of this idea has taken over the years. The most common 'tree of life' being just one of many.

If you would like to get a better visualization of my connections have a look at this

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think. I would love to explain why I have made certin decisions if anyone wants to know.