Mojo - about Egyptian symbolism


Hi there!

I saw your reply to the person asking about the snail on the IX of Pentacles, and was intrigued about the Egyptian symbolism you were referring to. I was wondering if you could recommend any books or websites on the subject? The Egyptian pantheon and mythology has always been fascinating to me, though I know little about it.

And a question about something specific you said... You mentioned the rabbit on the Queen of Pentacles as being another ancient symbol in Egyptian heiroglyphics. What does the rabbit represent to them? (As you might not be surprised to learn, I have a special interest in rabbits. :) )

Thank you for letting me pick your brain for a moment! (If anyone else wants to answer this post, please feel free. )



Most of my old books are boxed up in the basement... I have a dinner party to prepare for today and I'm out of town for a few days early this week, but I promise you I'll go find the title and author of my favorite book on heiroglyphics as soon as I can and post it here and try to e-mail it to you.


OK! Thanks for whatever you come up with. I really appreciate it. :)