Monstarot kickstarter!


I'm so stupid. I needed to add shipping to the pledge amount 🙄 Doh!! £56 for a deck is mega money though so I'm going to think about it a while longer (or order tonight in bed, as this appears to be where I make almost all of my most profligate purchasing decisions).
I pledged THAT kind of money ?

Oh whew, no I didn't ! (I was very early...) Anyway I WANT, so that's OK !


Yes getting in early and not DITHERING then buying anyway at more expensive prices is very wise 😂 Shipping is the killer. $25 to the UK 😭

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That's the way of it these days. Postage is a killer everywhere except the Irish Republic. Whenever one of us is going there we save up parcels and even letters and mail from there. It should do wonders for MRP, who moved there recently !

If you think this is bad - I well recall the day a Canadian mate of mine mailed me a deck within Canada. She discovered it would have been CHEAPER for her to mail it to me in the UK !


Only a couple days left before the Little Monsters campaign is over. Excited, this is the first kickstarter I've ever backed and I can't wait for this tarot deck to arrive next spring! :)


You enablers, you!
Lol I saw this thread an hour ago and managed to pledge with 4 hours left to go! I'm so excited I got in before it's over. These monsters are adorable and make me so happy. I do need a little whimsy in my life - but this is the first whimsical deck that has called to me. I also thing my 5 year old son will enjoy looking at these with me. Now for the agonizing wait!

And yes, maybe this forum is going to be really bad for my tarot collection habit ...


Has anyone received their deck yet? I just got a shipping notice that mine should be here tomorrow.


Does anyone know if this deck will be coming back sometime? I missed the opportunity to get it, but I really love it. :(


My Monstarot has arrived, packaged with lots of care and love. :) The box and cards are of excellent quality, though the cards are large so I will definitely have to shuffle them sideways. The little booklet included was well-thought out; normally I don't look at lwbs, but this one I will be using. I'm looking forward to working with these colorful, little monsters! :D


Брианна;4990750 said:
Does anyone know if this deck will be coming back sometime? I missed the opportunity to get it, but I really love it. :(
The campaign said only 500 of the first edition will be printed. I don't think it's necessarily a matter of "coming back" but of whether she has sold them all. She had 174 backers - thougg some may have asked for more than one - so your best bet is to message her on kickstarter...