Monstarot kickstarter!


I got this deck through kickstarter for my daughter, who is 10 years old. She LOVES her monstarot deck and pulls a card or two every day. It is such a sweet and insightful deck if you're looking for something that is positive and friendly.


I got my deck the other day :) I love it. So colourful


Just wanted to add a quick update: have been using the Little Monster deck regularly now and it reads so clearly! It's become one of my all-time favourite RWS clones. :) It's beautiful, fun, playful, and straight forward to read, which is why I bought a backup copy the day she started selling the extra decks leftover on her etsy.

The only small criticism I have would be cardstock - same cardstock used with the 78 tarot decks, I believe. It's not flimsy thin nor is it overly thick like Schiffer's shiny coaster decks (lol), but they are a bit stiff and will take quite awhile to break in, especially if you have small hands like me. The cardstock is actually quite good, I'm just fairly picky and prefer the thin but durable buttery cardstock that SevenStars and Doug Thornsjo (Duck Soup decks) use for most of their decks. Their decks shuffle like a dream and are yummy. :d lol