Moon Oracle cards


Just got these yesterday, have any of you used them? They're lovely, been having a read of the book & had a go at a simple spread. They're very different to tarot but there's definitely something about the deck that pulls me to it. x


The Moon Oracle is a very nice deck. I still plan to investigate it a bit further.

diane drizzy

Very nice. How did I miss these?


I love the cards, they are beauiful. However I personally find it difficult to read using moon oracle because it is different .. however someone had what sounds like a good suggestion in getting to understand the moon cycle .. is write down for 1 month ahead what to expect .. so a month ahead journel to get you to feel the cycle. Haven't done it yet!


Fulgour said:
Are these the ones...

Moon Oracle
(from Aeclectic Tarot decks archive)
By Caroline Smith

Yes thats the ones. They were an impulse buy when I saw them reduced on a metaphys website. I'm quite taken with them but I think they will be a bit hard to learn ! I'm definitely going to stick in with it though. xx


I have tried a couple of the sample spreads in the book, they were absolutely spot-on ! Definitely will keep going with these cards.


I own these too. I tried a couple of readings but found it quite complex as someone else pointed out. Will pull them out and have another try with them.

I'd be very interested to hear of your ongoing experiences with this deck redflash.


Those and the Elemental Tarot by the same Author are ones I desperatly covet.....


I haven't had too much time to get to know these yet, so I am still finding it a bit complex. But the readings I have done for myself have been very accurate. It's also helping me learn a lot more about the phases of the moon, which is a good thing considering how much I react to it as it moves through its cycles ! I just don't have enough hours in the day to study all the things I want to lately !