More or less strange occurrences in apartment


I've been noting a few things bout my apartment lately. At first I'd say that I do think all these have a natural explanation and I don't really think my apartment is haunted or anything. Here's just a few notes I've gathered though.

- Orbs

I wrote a thread about this some time ago. I've seen some orbs around here. Small and bright white in colour, moving and then disappearing after a second or two - though I've seen a black one too (the black one flew past my keyboard as I was writing. Could've been a flying bug but I've seen none in my apartment since moving in, plus why wasn't it attracted to the desktop lamp next to the keyboard?). All in all the white ones could be just my eyes messing around.

- Touching sensations

I've had a few one of these while being at the computer. It has felt like a hair falling to my shoulder - a very light touching sensation. One time I felt a pinching feeling in my other leg and when I touched the spot, a small charge of static elerctiricy bursted from it to my finger. Perhaps it was the static electricity that caused the sensation.

- Cold spots

This is a bit weird to me, as there is not a ventilation system in the apartment and thus no air movement. (well there is actually one, in the bathroom, but the door is closed at most times). There could be still some air leaking from the edge of the windows, through the sealants.

I've felt a faint, cold breeze. Sometimes it's in front of my face, sometimes to the sides or to the chest, like someone gently blowing cold air or making a moving gesture with hand which causes the air to move, or when you hold an ice cube next to skin and the cold emanates from the ice cube. Sometimes I've felt it at my computer, another times when laying at my bed at the other end of the apartment, waiting for sleep to come.

- Waking up in the middle of the night

I've been waking in the middle of the night after moving in. I didn't have this before moving. At first I thought it was because of being in a new apartment, and yes, it has somewhat decreased after I settled in, but it does still happen every now and then.

I decided to record my sleep to find out what causes me to wake up. When I listened to the recording in the morning, I found out there was a hollow and high clicking or clunking sound just before I woke up. I do still think it was my bed that caused it, but it felt a bit out of place. The best suggestion would be that one of the boards in the bed cracked and that caused the sound.

One evening I decided to play a little bit. I put the recording on and said,

"If there's someone here, I've put a device on which records the sounds. Try to move this line here (there was a recording sound line on the screen, to which I pointed at). You can move the line be interacting with this device here (a small microphone, to which I also pointed at)."

I started sleeping but woke up again later in the night to an awful nerve pain on my right arm. I suppose it had came because of me working at the computer, but I had actually had a relatively computer-free day and I only spent an hour or a few at the computer. I shut off the recorder and listened to it later during the day. I didn't listen to the whole recording (it was 3 hours long), but I noticed there was an interesting, faint swooping/fluttering sound near the end of the recording. I do not think it was my hand because the microphone was a small distance away from the bed. The swooping/fluttering sound went further away and ended with a clicking/clunking sound (like someone made a knocking sound to a plywood, or dropped a small item to the ground) and the recording continued with me sleeping and then a few minutes later waking up to the arm pain.

I also noticed that I had stopped the recording at 3:03:33 which was an interesting coincidence.

To tell the truth, I don't think there's anything special here to conclude about anything paranormal, but I should probably try another recording at another part of the apartment.

However, I'll gladly hear your comments! =)



Your apartment sounds pretty settle compared to my bio moms. She's had the similar to above happen, but they've also seen apparitions, captured them and orbs on security camera even...including the security's cold spot temp gauge! Her problem,though, is the ghosts there are pervs. Seriously, soapy hot showers end up running no one in it, lingerie missing and even personal message oils pulled out from where they should be. It just got to be too much. The still weird but non personal or threatening thing was finding the salt shaker in the microwave one morning. That's why she got the best security camera she could afford.