More Playing in the Otherworld For me!


This last weekend, I had a unique experience that I wanted to share with you all!

I have been involved in a Live Action Role Playing Game on a monthly basis for about the last 6 years.
(for those of you who have no idea what this is, it's basically where you get to dress up in costumes and run around a lot and pretend to be someone else for a day!)

The final and very last game took place at a castle that was built in Illinois, and the usual medievel fantasy theme was taken over by Faerie!

The concept was to have a host of people playing Fae, and I found myself to be very lucky to be invited to portray a faerie for this game!
The writers of the event split the Faerie into two seperate courts...the Light court's costumes, and set designs were based on Art Nouveu, and Tolkien Elves...

While the Shadow court was based upon the works of Brian Froud!

The set for the Shadow Court was built at the top of a tower, and was amazing!! It was decorated with little fairy lights that twinkled from within white "coocoons"...the floor was covered in autumn oak leaves, and branches of trees shadowed the room.
The throne was a giant cushiony pumpkin, and small round mushroom cap pillows were growing among the leaves.
Sitting there, it felt like I was inside one of the oracle cards, or within the pages of the book by Alan Lee...

As for myself, I tried to base my costume on several different Froud illustrations. I was told that I was going to be a troll witch, of the shadow I designed and crafted it in a day, and it came out looking decent.
However...As I was putting the finishing touches on the mask I was going to wear,I thought to ask the fae what they thought of all this...
Would they be receptive to the fact that I was portraying one of thier own? Would they be flattered? Was I showing enough respect?
The card I pulled from the deck was Sylvanius...which confused me a bit, but made me smile, because of the mask...and because it really is one of my favorite cards.

When I got to the event...everything suddenly came together.
The character I was playing turned out to be the embodiment of Truth...who tested mortals, by making them answer riddles, and then rewarding them for thier cleverness!

And a couple times during the day, I also found myself conversing with a few others from the well as several other fae...both in the usual way, and in a physical form, as portrayed by other human players of the game.

It was a truly fabulous experience!
(if anyone is interested...I hope to post some pictures as soon as I get them back!!)


I’d love to see your pics. It sounds so amazing! :)


Wow, that's is awesome! I've dressed up as a faery for work when we have our fantasy psychic fairs, but that's completely different. I would love to of been a part of that!

Please please please post the pics soon, i can't wait to see them!



Me too!! Me too!! I want to see!!


Chronata said:
The card I pulled from the deck was Sylvanius...which confused me a bit, but made me smile, because of the mask...and because it really is one of my favorite cards.
I had to smile reading this ....

Sounds to me like the Fae thought they'd join you, and put on their masks too ... just so you wouldn't recognize Them at the game~!

You sure those were mortals you were talking to the whole time ;)?

I'd love to see pics too, sounds like a wonderful experience ... I'm jealous!