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Hello everyone,

I am online and happy to do oracle card readings. These are for practice for me, intended to help me hone my gifts. I do not expect anything in return except to know how I have done for you.

I had another thread where I was offering to do general readings, and I will still do them. However, I am now at the point in my training where I can begin to do readings on specific subjects.

Please note that I am an intuitive, not a mind reader, and messages from your guides will come through best if you ask more open-ended questions, not yes/no questions. (Instead of "Will X come back to me?" it's better to ask "What do my guides want me to know about reconciling with X?").

I use the "Energy Oracle" deck, and I do best when I have a more direct connection with you.

If interested, please PM me your first name, and your question. I will post the result here.


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How am I going to experience spiritual growth this month?


Can you please look at the future of the connection between D and myself?




Intuitives are the best. ;)

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My first name is Ricardo.



Can you please look at the future of the connection between D and myself?



I drew a three-card spread for you, and here are the results. First, let me tell you that when I opened my third eye to read the energy of your connection, it came through very intense. Very strong energy going between the two of you.

The first card I drew is "Man Holding a Heart" - reversed. This card reversed can represent either an emotional shutdown of some sort or a difficult relationship with a man. In this instance I feel like it's more about having trouble expressing emotions, or some sort of emotional blockage than actual difficulties - but in any case, I am feeling this card as a bit of a warning, to be wary of blocks in D's energy that could cause you some turmoil.

The second card is "Community," and it is also reversed. This card shows three women celebrating and sharing energy together. In the reversed position it indicates a disconnect, feelings of isolation or maybe even loneliness and longing for a sense of support. I am getting a strong feeling of temptation around this card, and I think this is also another warning card, that either you or he may face some temptations or at least distractions as you navigate your relationship.

The third card is "The Garden and the Gate," and it is also reversed. This card shows a beautiful woman standing in front of a locked gate, looking out onto the field beyond. She has a key hanging around her neck, and yet she doesn't use it to unlock the gate and go beyond. In the reversed position, this card represents the choice to actually open that door, and embark on an adventure - in this case, a spiritual one. I think this represents the intense spirit-level connection between you and D, and that you will begin opening to it even more, feelings of joyous synchronicity. All I can say is: expect the unexpected, in a good way.

As I was shuffling, a card fell out. When this happens, I place this as a "trump card" - something that affects all the rest of the cards in the reading. The card I pulled is "Caring Connections." It is a very powerful relationship card, and shows a man holding a woman in his arms, while the woman looks down at a bouquet of flowers. This card signals the deepening of a romantic relationship, and a tender karmic connection between the two of you.

In summation, I think this spread tells me that your connection is quite intense, and also deeply spiritual - you may not understand this connection yet, but in time you will. There are some warning cards here suggesting things may be a little bit rocky, maybe even difficult - but the Caring Connections card above all suggests you should be able to weather them together.


How am I going to experience spiritual growth this month?


This is a three-card spread.

Your first card, I pulled "Caring Connections," and it is reversed. This is typically a relationship card, though that doesn't always have to represent romantic relationships. It can be a friendship, a romance, or even a business relationship. In the reversed position, this represents a parting of the ways - a severing of some sort of bond that's either happened, or is close to happening. I'm not being shown what this might be for you, but whatever it is, it could be a block to your spiritual growth. Please think on this for a while, and what actions you can take to move on. Make plans and vent your feelings.

The second card is "Strategy," and it shows a log book, a white feather, and a key in a lock. When you get this card in a reading, it means that right now is the optimum time for you to set up a specific strategy to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Get a journal and write about the specific direction you want to go in, consider any potential course corrections in your life that you may need to make to get there. Pay attention to the particulars, and create a conscious plan. Here, structure and short-term goals will make your longer-term goals a reality. This card is telling you to take full control of where you want to be, and to do that, it's time to add thought to action.

The third card is "Envy," and it shows a woman holding a platter full of gold coins, staring out on a golden city. And yet, her expression shows dissatisfaction, and her clothes -- though very fine -- are drab and heavy. She already has a life of value, and yet she longs for something else on the horizon. Instead of feeling happy about what she already has, her desire for more causes a deep sense of unease and lack. This card is telling you to let go of any jealousy or envy, and focus instead on all the good things you do have. It's time to shift your focus to all that you value - and when you do, everything else will shift, too.

To sum this up, I think the reading very strongly tells me that you have a few blocks that you're going to need to clear up or watch for, but also gives you a bit of a roadmap for how to get exactly where you want to go. If you have any old relationship baggage -- whether romantic or otherwise -- try to let it go, because right now it's hampering your spiritual growth. The message from these cards also falls very strongly on telling you to get clear on what you want, where you want to be, and how you want to get there - and make a very clear plan for how to get there. Be specific. If you want to achieve a certain goal, outline exactly how you plan to get there. Write it down. I feel this is important. And last, a warning - that if you have any feelings of envy or jealousy, perhaps of someone else's spiritual growth, you have to put those down as well, and focus instead on all the wonderful things you do have. The guidance here is to be purposeful in your steps, and to watch the energy you put out.


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