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I love the vibrant art on the cards and one of my favourite card is the Queen of Swords. Here's my study on the QoS which I have gathered from lots of videos I've watched on Youtube and also some references from the web. Books are not readily available in my country. In fact, I had to wait close to a month before my Morgan Greer deck reaches my door. Tarot is also not something common in my country.


The Queen of Swords from the Morgan Greer deck depicts a woman holding a sword upright. She wears a headgear and two red earrings. She has a rose on her chest which one would deduce is either an embroidered piece on her top. She is surrounded by 5 roses - 4 fully bloomed ones and 1 bud. Behind her is a big cloud in the clear blue sky.

Swords are all about communication. The Queen of Swords cuts all the nonsense around her and readily guards herself because she's been through it all. So much so that she is emotionally stoic and doesn't show her emotions so much. The look on her face says it all.

I have noticed there are a lot of 'sharp things' in this card. Notice the spikes on her head. Also, what do Roses have? Thorns. I'm guessing it's an idea of the 'iron fist in a velvet glove' - just because I look pretty and meek but doesn't mean you can simply handle me anyway you want! There is one Rose bud behind her suggesting she's forever growing.

There's a white dot (I think it's a pearl?) on her throat suggesting that one should be clear in his/her communication.

I've only studied this card thus far. I would love to receive more insights about this favourite card of mine.

So far I haven't figure out the red earrings, the green drape on her left arm and the three red dots next to her hand.

Also, I apologize for my English. I will be more than happy to make clarification to anything that might have confused you.


Hi isolee,

Welcome to Tarot Study Groups :).

The Morgan Greer is one of my main reading decks and has been for years and this is one of my favourite cards in the deck, I love this Queen of Swords and I love what you've said about her and your English is very good :).

For me the Queen of Swords has reached the level of maturity that allows her to really understand about communication. She has a sharp mind and often an equally sharp tongue. (all those pointy things and thorns) and she does not suffer fools, she's a straight talker but she's not tactless, she is good at expressing herself with words and she's a quick thinker too.

Traditionally in tarot the Queen of Swords is often seen as someone who has been hurt in the past but who has put that hurt behind her and has learned from it, she's wise, she won't make the same mistakes that she made in her past. The pearl at her throat, her throat chakra, the place of communication makes me think of the phrase 'pearls of wisdom' which again, goes back to her learning from her past experiences.

I'm not sure about the red earrings either but red is the colour of passion and vitality so maybe all the red of the card is indicative of those aspects of her personality. I think the 3 little red dots could be part of the rose, rose hips maybe..

Anyway, keep posting, I'll happily join in (and I've added a link to this thread to the Morgan Greer study group index thread).

I've added a picture of the card.


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Isolee, you might like the book Spiritual Tarot - it's illustrated with the Morgan-Greer (also the RWS and Aquarian), and really relates to the pictures and colours.

I see the dots as rose hips, too. She is surrounded by real roses, but on her dress, she carries an embroidered, stylized rose. She's comfortable in her place (her actual surrounding and her outfit harmonize), she's strong, honest, and fair.

Yes, Swords are about communication, but also honesty and ability to deal with conflict in a fair and balanced manner. We can see all this in her eyes - she looks at us openly, surrounded by loveliness - and thorns.

Two of the Morgan Greer queens look at us frontally, but only the Queen of Swords is really close to us; her Wands sister is further removed from the frame. The other two queens are shown in profile: Queen of Pentacles looks to the right into the future, Queen of Cups to the left, into the past.

This makes the Queen of Swords look quite intense and more approachable than any other queen. That's a nice touch since she's so often given as the "cool queen".


Nemia said:
I see the dots as rose hips, too. She is surrounded by real roses, but on her dress, she carries an embroidered, stylized rose.
Wow, Nemia, I didn't even notice that the rose in the middle is actually an embroidered rose on her green dress (and that's what the green drape is over her arm Isolee, it's her sleeve)... That explains why it's different to the other roses on the card.
Thank you so much :D