Motherpeace: Emperor


I've seen people post in the past that the Motherpeace is a feminist deck that reflects hatred of men, but that's not the case at all. I think it just comes across that way in large part because of the way the authors have described the cards in the book. It's true that when the female goddess was worshiped and women were "in control", things were much more peaceful and there was less war, but then when males became the whole world changed its view and emphasis and became more warlike and less peaceful. That doesn't mean, though, that women are men-haters in this deck. It's a very fair deck, but seems to be one that men are less drawn to than women.

I was struck by the way the author of the book points out that if we keep ourselves walled off and caught up in the feeling that we need to compartmentalize everything, to put up walls and close out this or that as being something we need to protect ourselves from, we create "pockets of pain" in our bodies. We need to soften the edges, round the corners and not see everything as being a competition and a struggle. It's okay to be who we are, to be able to love, heal and accept that others have a right to be who they are and not try to possess or change them, instead seeking to bring love and healing to the world.

There are three things about this deck that I like to think about. First of all, the round shape of the deck---it has no corners and walls in its shape. Then, the word "mother" reflects a softer, more loving outlook toward others, and then "peace", which is what a woman really tries to maintain and instill in her children and others around her.

I love this deck. I don't really appreciate the art work or the "in your face" crotch shots of some of the cards, like the 6 of Wands and her "welcome home, Sailor" presentation, but the chapter on the Emperor in the book I have (the one about myth, art and Tarot) is a very interesting and enlightening one. It points out the different ways of seeing the influence of the male in society as pointing out the differences of gender and ways of thinking, doing, believing and the ways of exerting control we all practice at times.

The Emperor in this deck doesn't just point fingers at men. It simply points out how our belief system with regard to the sexes can influence both male and female thinking and doing. A woman can certainly be represented by the Emperor card just as readily as a male can. If I had to use just a succinct meaning for the Emperor it would be "control freak" at its extreme and I was one of those for most of my life.