Motherpeace: Empress


The Motherpeace Empress represents the Great Mother. To quote from the book briefly, "She promises abundance, birth, growth, harmony, community and relationship." By the Great Mother, the Earth is meant but also we're to think of her as the spirit of relationship, motherhood, nurturing, having a romantic partner, cooking, cleaning---all the usual "mothering" things we do so well.

The book goes on to say, in the section for the meanings of this card, that when you get the Empress in a reading with this deck, you are probably coming into touch with your ancient sensual nature. Quoting:"The Empress rules through love, so let your heart lead the way, relax into your senses, let your sexuality flow."

The book goes on to say that the Empress represents "prosperity thinking" and the very real power of positive imagination. Getting this card in a spread urges us to open our hearts and embrace all that mothering entails---love, care-giving, motherhood, feathering our nests by using our artistic talents, etc. The card is reminding us that without the nurturing of a mother or a mother figure, nobody would survive on this planet


I really love the ancestral vibe of this (and many Motherpeace cards, actually!) card. I like that she is receptive, yet not completely so, if that makes sense. I definitely get the vibe of abundance, beauty, fertility and creativity here. But I also feel that there's a really important nod to the mothers and grandmothers who've come before us. When I think of myself as a mother, I consider myself linked to my mother, my aunties, my grandmothers, etc. Like a thread running through the generations.

This card also has that great nurturing theme which I really expect from a good Empress card :D