Motherpeace--Invitation to Learning by Doing Readings


I'm starting this thread so that I can round up some people who would like to study Motherpeace. It's a really great deck, but the study group hasn't ever really gotten off the ground. I thought maybe if I put a post here giving people a chance to learn by doing actual readings, maybe we can get a good study going. I personally learn best by actually doing----maybe it's the same for others. At any rate, I'll go post a thread in the Group Readings sub-forum which is part of the Your Readings sub-forum. In time, maybe we'll do something in the Reading Exchange category using Motherpeace but for now, let's just do this----posting our readings or daily draws in the Group readings sub-forum (located at the top of the page when you go to Your Readings thread list). Our kind moderator will be of help in making links available back here in the Motherpeace study area.

So---in order to determine how much interest we can drum up here before we put Sulis to doing any extra work for us, please post to this thread if you're willing to commit to the study of Motherpeace. OK?

This deck is an important one in Tarot history in my opinion. It was created back in the 80's when there weren't a lot of new decks being created, and because it's a round deck and has a feminist slant, I just think it's sad to let it languish on AT.

Nobody has to BE feminine gender or A feminist to study the deck. Anyone can join in and this deck will enrich anyone's life and repertoire of decks they can use. Please---everyone is welcome. Just grab Motherpeace and let's get going. :)

I'm using my full sized deck to keep a card out where I can see it every day as I study that card, but then I have the mini that I'm using for spreads. Just a tip for others who might have both decks and want to do the same.

Come one, come all! :) :heart:


Thank you, Sulis. :) I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.