Motherpeace Tarot anyone?


I did the search and index thing and I couldn't find anything (except a few references in study groups for other decks). I have always loved and been very attached to Motherpeace. Any takers for a study group?



I love this deck. It is my favorite. I would be interested in discussing this deck with you.


I'm interested too...

Hi, I don't get online as often as I would like but I've also looked to see if a Motherpeace group had started. Been using Her for almost 5 years...I have checked out others decks but always come back home.



Well three's a nice start for a group, if you guys are interested.. Maybe we could start by talking about how we *met* Motherpeace and what we like about it and what we want to learn more of?

I was introduced to Motherpeace by the woman who introduced me to Tarot. I love the fact that they are round, that (from the tradition the woman who introduced me taught me) it's cyclical and less emphasis on reversals than on cards containing *all* meanings. Also, the feminist orientation w/o excluding men altogether. I have never seen another Death card that I like more - I love the image of composting AND renewal. To me, Motherpeace contains the spirit of Gracie (my friend who introduced me to the cards) - a real "mother earth" spirit with a great capacity for love and acceptance of all of a person - the good, the bad and the ugly. She was also completely unafraid to tell the truth with this same loving and direct approach - which I have always found Motherpeace to do well.

So what about you guys?


Hi all

Nice to see this study group starting.

I will open up the Index to include the Motherpeace, for ease finding all the threads. There is a sticky at the top of the forum explaining all about starting a group. We sugget one thread for each card and Sulis or myself will update the contents thread, which I will also start.

Happy studying!

Moonbow* :)



I have a very similar story to tell about how I discovered Motherpeace. The woman that introduced me to tarot had this deck. I was 18 and she was 32, in my eyes she was the essence of what I thought the perfect woman was. Confident, honest but kind and sensual. At the time I knew that I wasn't ready for this deck. Deep down I knew I would be getting this deck sometime when I felt ready. So I read the Rider Waite for many years.

Okay, when I was 30 I thought it was time to get Motherpeace. I ordered it along with a book. It came from Amazon and I thought "hmm this is a small box". I had gotten the mini deck by mistake. However at the time I realized that it wasn't a mistake since I hadn't looked close enough to read that it was a mini. I obviously wasn't ready for the big deck. So I did read the mini deck with the idea that one day I would be ready for the full size deck.

Back in June I became a nurse. At the same time I started on the biggest time of spiritual growth of my lifetime so far. I would compare it to the Motherpeace death card. I was shedding my old skin and becoming a new person like the snake on the card.

To make a long story short I came to the conclusion that I was finally ready for the big time. I ordered the full size deck. It is supposed to be here this coming Friday. So finding others interested in this deck has happened at a perfect time for me. It is all coming together for me. I am very happy to be finding others who love this deck too.



how it all began...

Well, life shifted quite a bit for me around the time of the birth of my only child. she was born around the time of my saturn return and I was having major shifts in consciousness. I had had other tarot decks but none that I was devoted to. One day while browsing in the new age section of Barnes and Noble's some 5 years ago, I found Motherpeace. The round shape was very unique, the colors were absolutely beautiful and joyful to look at, but most important to me, as a woman of african descent, I was abundantly included in the imagery of the deck. I began working with the deck, later buying all of vicki noble's books that I could find (I believe the playbook is now out of print). The concept of Goddess was new to me and reading Motherpeace: A Way To The Goddess Through Myth Art and Tarot, was difficult but satisfying and important to my psyche and growth as a woman. I had been through some life challenges, and Motherpeace was the raft I clung to in the storm. It became my best friend, the deck I slept with under the pillow, and the first thing I reached for in the morning. Because of that book, I can now understand 80% (at least) of anything that I now read relating to the Goddess. I have read some negative reviews about this deck but I find it to be life changing, if you let it!


I think I'd be interested :)



Next step?

What is our next step in this study group?


Openstars said:
What is our next step in this study group?

The best thing to do is to take a look at some of the other study groups to see what they've done.
Most groups work through the deck card by card, starting a new thread for each card.
Some groups (such as the Fey group) have done exercises with the cards - entering into a dialogue with the different characters etc.

Have fun studying.


Sulis xx
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