purplelady (17 Sep, 2001 06:20):
Hey jade, you forgot Me!! I Love the motherpeace deck!! ! It was my primary deck for years!! And it really doesn't matter to me if anyone else likes or dislikes it or thinks it is too feminist or the artwork too primitive etc! That's what makes these boards so interesting! .

i have found a kindred spirit!!! YAH HOORAY!!!!! I too love this deck. I don't use it often, but when I speaks volumes.

Do you ever use it on men (straight men)? I use it only on women and gay men - I find that the female energy is too strong to use on a really masculine woman or man.

What is your take on this?



Hi jade! I haven't actually used this deck for years. Back when I only had 3 decks, I used it all the time. But truthfully I only read with it for myself. Now I have many newer decks and so it sits there on the shelf :'( . I suspect I will use it again someday, it was a great friend once! My husband at the time didn't read with it. But he didn't seem to have a negative reaction towards it either,as so many people do! But then ,he probubly did not read the book either. I also have the book with it "Goddess, myth ,art, and tarot" (Don't have book with me at moment , not sure that's the exact title). I've wondered if the smaller card version is worth getting. I think I prefer the bigger deck though. It is definitely an old favorite. I think it would be possible to do a reading for someone else or some men with it.............My 18 yr old son picked out "daughters of the moon" and did a reading with it , he didn't seem to object! :-D he said he preferred the cards,reading , and artwork to the Nigel Jackson deck. :) .


He isn't gay either. I think he just approaches it with an open mind. He really doesn't know much about tarot. No one has told him the deck is "feminist" "Dianic" "Wiccan" or anything else. On the other hand , maybe he just likes the pictures?! ;) . The next time I did a reading for him , I chose the sacred circle deck. I was really impressed with that reading as I think is a more masculine deck , but can help men and masculine men express their feminine side. That was my impression of it. Also , we are Both earth signs ,and we had been talking about that and the sacred circle on another post! :) .