Moving question and the Chariot



Forgive me if I post this in the wrong place. I have been getting some seriously strong intuition that a move (again) might be on the cards ( if you excuse the pun). There are no physical signs, appling for new jobs etc. Just an over whelming hunch.

I pulled a single card - Question will we here about a move in the next 3 months - Chariot

Secondly (after the first) - Can you confirm whether a move is possible
The Chariot, The Lovers, 9oC!!

Ok, I get the gist of this, but can the Chariot really symbolise a move??

K :)

Alan Ross

I would say yes. The cards can be read on many levels. On a physical level, as opposed to a psychological or spiritual level, this card is often used to signify a trip or journey. But I get the feeling you know this. When I have serious doubts on an issue, what I will often do is do a reading, wait a while (a few days, a week, or whatever), then do another reading. If the cards flip-flop, then I figure that the cards are just reflecting my own feelings and uncertainty. There is no right or wrong answer, I just need to make up my own mind what I really want. If, on the other hand, the second reading reinforces the message of the first reading, then I would consider that a strong indication of what the right course of action is.



The Chariot is a set of wheels, after all...with the Lovers (hinting that there may be some risk involved with this choice--will it involve some choice between taking a risk vs. maintaining the status quo of security?) and then the 9 of Cups (bringing eventual happiness to the equation.) ... that's one way of looking at this throw, anyway.


I see the chariot as a possibitly for a move, but the fact that it's an odd number would normally tell me no, however something else just as good is in store, but thats just my way of getting a yes or no answer, it may not mean the same thing to you. Your hunch is probably right. I normally get the knight of wands for a location change, the chariot can be a vehicle itself, maybe you'll be on the move with a new car too!


Yes, the Chariot can certainly mean going somewhere, and Lovers is about making a firm choice of what action to take and also about joining two people or places together in a very satisfactory way, 9 cups.
Are you considering visiting somebody or a place in the next 3 months?


Oh I like the idea of a new car and a move!!

I think the lovers here does signify a union. The only way we are likely to get a move is by another relocation with my husbands company. There are no physical signals but as I said a hunch.

Yes willowfox, I am going down to my nana's in the south of england in a couple of weeks. I too think this could prove significant, perhaps in getting the energies concentrated in that area

Thanks for the thoughts