Music and the Piper


Last week I pulled the Piper, and wondered if I had pulled this card in regards to my husband, who has become a songwriter recently. I thought it was a message that he does need to stick with it and that I should be more encouraging.

Well, guess what I got for Christmas???

A violin! I've always loved them and have joked that I wanted an electronic one for years, but now I have the real thing! I'm looking for a local teacher now.

I think the Faeries want to hear my music, as well. Well, it will be awfully screechy, I hope they have earplugs!


how wonderful

What an awesome gift, congratulations. I can see that you are definitely connected with your fae. Hope you find the perfect teacher for you!


I've never played an instrument before, so it may be over-reaching for me to pick the violin...but it has always called to me and I love watching people play either violins or fiddles. It's such a haunting sound.

I have visions of me walking through the forest playing my violin and birds singing and woodland creatures following me.....

HA!! I will probably be banned for making such an awful sound, but it is a nice visual.


The Fae *love* music! I'm not suprised a bit that They chose to whisper this surprise in your ear :D

I believe that when we're drawn to something as strongly as you describe your draw to the violin, there is indeed something meaningful that needs to be expressed.

I felt this way about spinning, and once I sat down at the wheel and finally drew fleece into yarn for the first time, I felt I was "remembering" how to do it, instead of learning it anew. The violin may feel as familiar to you, with just a bit of time and practice of course.

And I love the idea of walking in the forest, playing violin ... it's lovely!