Does anyone listen to music while their doing a reading. I do I seem to have to have it on. Sometimes i have to turn it off but most of the time its like wheres the noise? Is anyone else like this


I usually have as little background noise as possible. I think I would have to be careful not to let the mood of the music influence my read on the cards. *shrug* Just me maybe.

But I see a new CD project. "Music To Tarot By"; 15 tracks of inspirational music. Order in the next 15 minutes and get our special TV price.


i prefer to only have my fountains on making noise......well, it's not noise it's music, natural music :)

if there's music on i can't always 'hear' a person's guides really well. some of them are extremely soft spoken.

in light,

Original Destiny

I dont mind soft music or quiet. its interuptions that really spoil it for me. A phone ringing or a dog barking etc. It breaks my focus


Sometimes I like music of a certain variety that does not intrude but lends ambiance. Other times I prefer silence.


I do like to have music on while reading. It especially helps me reach a meditative mood and mode. I also must have candles lit as, for me, it provides a guide to the spiritual realm. The types of music I use are either selections by Loreena McKennitt or some ancient Andalusian music. I like to use this same format while doing yoga too! But that's another subject entirely!


* S i l e n c e *
I love music... I have a cd or the radio going nearly all the time. Except when I do a reading, I just have to get into a particular frame of mind and blank everything but myself, the quarent and the cards, out of my mind... Silence is the best for this, I find :)


"If music be the food of love play on"

Yes i too usually select a calming cd to relax my mind but more often than not i never seem to hear it end. when i have finished so is the track or cd, strange? maybe my player is broken?


When doing real readings I don't want any music on, I find it to be distracting. However; during my "studies" and/or marveling at the cards I tend to keep the Sounds of Nature in the player. I almost got the entire collection and these CD's are perfect in RPG games (IMO that is) due to their 'easy listening factor'. And well; I love 'the sounds of the wind' while playing with my cards.
But like I said; in a full reading I need silence.


Music before, music after...during, no distractions.

IMHO: This worlds plugged in, digitized, wired for sound as it is?I want to read naturally?