My Altar


I originally had a set of votive holders and awhile back I gifted them to a friend. I loved using them but when I seen how captivated she was by them I was drawn to part with them.
They work wonderful on an alter to represent earth and fire. :)

Let me know how you like them.

Glass Owl

I was about to say the same thing as Tanga--that the salt lamp will ionize the room--clearing it out and no odor. You are suppose to leave it running 24/07--but I admit I turn it off when we leave the house. I also have asthma, but I think it works great for me! Plus it gives a beautiful soft glow as was mentioned too. I love them!
I love salt lamps too. I have five plug in ones (two of them in our bedroom) and one candle holder. We didn't intend on having so many but three of them were gifts. I keep several of them on all of the time. I think leaving them on helps with the dripping/condensation issues.