My First Experience Reading For Someone Else

September Pixie

Well.. I have only used this deck a few times because its such a beloved piece in my collection.. but each time I am amazed because its one of the only decks I can actually read for myself as opposed to someone else..

Well.. my cousin came by and asked for a small reading.. while I brought out my usual deck and read for her.. it was your average, run of the mill, reading.. she didn't really have a question in mind (or at least she told me she didn't..) but she seemed satisfied none the less.. I decided to pursue on and show her the rest of my collection when she stopped at the Faerie Oracle (as IF she wouldn't! lol)

Since she didn't have any real reading in mind.. I simply used the suggestion from the book... I allowed her to pick the card that she felt was the most beautiful, and the card she thought was the most hideous. Once I interpreted them for her.. the look on her face was priceless. She knew exactly what I was saying.. and the cards even warned her of being easily influenced by someone..

2 weeks later she called me in what sounded like hysterics.. she was telling me just how 'right' the reading had been.. she has had a friend for many years, who always pressured her to do things and make certain decisions.. the cards warned about taking this person's advice - well when she told this person that she wasn't going to take their advice anymore.. the "friend" actually caused a fight and left! I am not overly close with my cousin, so I had no way of knowing any of this before hand.. but I too was amazed..

those faerie's are amazing, I'll tell ya! :joke:

Aura Wolf

Nice to hear you had a good experience reading with the Faeries! I look forward to the day I go public with mine :D


The faeries are amazing. It is such a great feeling to have the information confirmed for you like that. I still haven't gotten my faeries to settle down and do any readings for me yet. All they want to do is play, so that's what we've been doing. Readings will come in time.......right?? Has your cousin bought their own Faeries Oracle deck yet? I'm sure it's only a matter of time. lol

September Pixie

No she hasn't.. but she is spending the tonight with me.. and I plan on letting her examine all the decks I have and then read some of the book in this deck.. I plan on buying her a deck for graduation.. looks like this might be the one she gets ... her own of course! I could NEVER part with mine!! :joke: