My 'new' Blue Box Rider

Essence of Winter

I just got this on Ebay. It mentions Waddingtons on the box, printed by A G Muller in Switzerland, first edition 1909 and reprinted in 1971. The white book has a date of 1972, no copyright symbol on the cards and The Sun has the black squiggly line. It has two blank cards with it.

The seller said there is some wear to the cards but I have looked at them all and they look brand new. The colours are a bit more muted than my purple box edition circa 1993 and my yellow box circa 1997 but not as much as the Original or even the Centennial. I am really pleased with this deck.

One really cool thing is that it came with a matching Key to the Tarot (originally bought separately) as well as a wooden box and bag for Tarot cards. Including postage, it came to just under £20.

I have also seen a slightly different blue box edition that it is similar to the purple box in that it has the rectangular border near the edges of the box. I think it is a late 80s edition but does anyone know for sure?

I think I have found my favourite Rider deck so far. I think the Centennial is the best of the current ones in print but some cards are slightly blurred whereas the quality of the blue box is excellent all round.


Congrats! That's an awesome purchase for £20.

I'm envious }). The Blue Box RWS is the last of the RWS I'd like to add to my little collection (other than a Pam-Anything, which will never happen). I keep an eye out for and haven't had any luck yet.