my public reading premiere


For the first time, I decided to try my hand at reading for strangers in a coffee house. It was a beautiful, warm night and I sat down with my Spiral deck and Chai Latte. I just sat there shuffling and drew curious attention. This girl came over to me and her question was....

"Should I get my hair highlighted?"

Hmmm. She seemed too serious and befuddled that I couldn't possibly smirk or think that she was just "testing" me. I told her that the cards probably won't give her a "yes-no" answer, but lets just see what energies are surrounding her at this time. Well we got 9 of swords, The Emperor and the King of Cups reversed. I immediately saw the King of Cups as a man with an alcohol problem but of course kept my mouth shut. Well, my intuition was right on and I broached the subject very gently. I didn't want to scare her so I merely said, "I think you're not really feeling good about yourself lately. Do you have a boyfriend or husband who makes you feel inferior or doesn't compliment you?" Her jaw dropped and she continued to tell me about her finacee who comes home tipsy a few times a week (spot on!) and he has a bad, bad wandering eye. She also felt that he was having an affair. She was obviously placing the blame on herself and felt she could "fix" it. I said that I really can't prove or disprove infidelity but I can suggest that she take some time to rethink this marriage... if its like this now, and she's not happy, whether about a coif or constitution - she needs to learn to love herself. As an advice card, I shuffled again and drew The Hermit and confirmed that she does need to take some time for reflection and to know herself. She hugged me and offered to buy me another latte.

You see, it wasn't about silly highlights at all. It was a mask of poor self esteem fueled by a man who does not appreciate her. And the cards helped to spark a conversation and reveal what was really bothering her. Sometimes we do just need to hear it from someone else so we are inspired to take positive action.

Just thought I'd share that with you. If you have any advice for future "stranger" readings, please share!

~ january


I'm really impressed with this. It sounds like a brilliant start to reading in public.

All the best,



This is a lovely story (I just hope it turns out as lovely for this girl you read for....) - hers wasn't the only jaw to drop, I'm so impressed with this...! :D

It must have felt really good to have such a great first-timer, to be able to get down to the important stuff even if it was buried deep down in a question about bit different!

My heart is pounding with excitement right now - these kind of experiences just don't come around very much when you just read for yourself - and I'm so glad you shared!!

Love! Light!
Jenny :)

Geenius at Wrok

January, you rule.



Let me join others in saying that was just a great story.

I admire your ability to look below the surface. A treasure.



Well done January, nice reading ;-)
and, thanks for sharing this experience, i have never done this in a public place, i have at work, but that's not treally public.



I liked this story. :0)

Original Destiny



What an inspiration! :) I've been thinking of taking a deck into my fave restaurant next time I get that way (only get to town once a week or so) and now I will. Thanks for sharing!