My Reading Flaw


I have found my flaw.... Whilst I can read very well for specific questions, I can't for the life of me do so well with general questions, or inquiries! I find it so difficult to apply the cards to something as general as... 'What does the next year hold?'..
Does anyone else have this problem? How did you get over it?!



it's so nice when the first card just tells you :) , but as this doesn't always happen, i then look over the whole spread, as one picture before starting to read the individual cards. what suits predominate, numbers, what's next to what etc. then there's always intuition....
wish i could be more help.


I think Zorya's got the right of it. For General questions, you have to look at the whole spread. Lay it all out and see what "theme" predominates. A lot of cups, and you can say "Love, emotions, addictions"--depending on which cups. A lot of swords and you can say "a lot of talk, arguments, intellectual problems to be solved"--again, depending.

You can also point out what's missing. A spread without pentacles is one that isn't grounded and can indicate that this is a problem. So, a general question about the love life, no pentacles, could mean they've got everything else but they're missing the physical. Their emotions, passion and minds are running wild with nothing to ground them or make it all solid.

Once you're done there (or if it doesn't work) you can check the spread for repetative numbers, or if it's top-heavy with Majors or court cards. Once you have the "theme" it gets easier. You say, "This year is really down to earth" (because it's heavy with pentacles), and from there you go from card to card. "Early in the year you'll be worried about money" (5-pentacles), but very quickly you'll find a new job (8 pentacles)....etc.

Um. Does that help?


Zorya and Thirteen! Thank you for bringing our attention to "themework." I sometimes can get so bogged down by the individual cards that I forget to look at the "themes." It seems so obvious, too!

Many blessings to all!

Original Destiny

If I am doin a general reading I first ask the client what they would like to happen for the coming year. I then do an overall look at the cards pointing out which cards are predomenant, then I look at the individual cards ...I find that a 12 month spread, one card for each month, in a circle with a card in the centre for the overiding theme works best for me:TFOOL


Well, I'm backwards (as usual I guess). I start out by looking for reversals, then a theme, cups, swords, majors, etc. Then I read each card. Then I try to consider them all as part of the whole spread. I try to connect them all together after I've gone through what each one could mean. Then if I'm STILL at a loss I look for #s.

Rhiannon :)