My sister, sagitarian's, fabulous Fae reading


Amaya is right ... we've been quiet around here too much so since I love stories, I'll go ahead and offer one up a nice long one.

Right now I'm visiting with my family (first visit out here in about 2.5 years). Last night, my sister and I managed to con folks into babysitting for us, once all of our kids were down for the night, so we could slip out for some coffee and talk down at the nearby IHOP.

"Bring your cards!" I told her. I love my sister's readings. For years, my sis was the only reader I ever sought -- in fact, for the first 5 years or so that I was reading Tarot, I would rarely read for myself because I so preferred hers. Always so insightful, I often glean so much unexpected information, assistance, insight and guidance from her that of course I wanted to take advantage of our opportunity together, alone, to read again during this visit.

We sat down, poured our coffee, lit our cigarettes (a vacation indulgence for me, I admit, since I "quit" 3 years ago), and I asked her which deck she brought.

"My Faeries," she grinned, playfully. Woo Hoo!

So she has me shuffle and I do as we chat, giving the cards shuffle after shuffle while we talk. "I don't have anything specific to read about," I tell her.

"That's cool," she says, and pulls out notes on her favorite new Faery spread -- one of the Fairy Ring Oracle spreads that the lovely Jewel posted here ages back (I think it was the Oak Tree spread, but I'm not sure exactly).

She lays out about 10 cards, pauses and listens, then murmurs, "Okay," and lays out three more, face down. Pauses again. Even I can feel she still needs one more, although nothing is said, and she nods silently and lays out one more, off to the side, also face down.

And away she went! WHEW! Holy Moley! :D You haven't seen a girl read Faery cards until you've seen my sis in action!!! She *pours* over each card, listening to each and every Faery in the cards (and that includes all of the little ones in the background too, my Fae friends) and spends about 10-15 minutes telling me approximately 5 or so separate messages PER CARD. While not every single Faery on the card would have something to say, many cards had at least 3-7 voices that came through.

She'd lay one down, pick up another. "Whew, this one has a lot to say. Ok, let me get started," and off she'd go again.

Can you imagine talking to each Faery in each card and then seeing what they have to say to you for your querent in a reading? The level of detail she gleaned from her reading process was staggering. Talk about educational! I learned just by watching and listening, while still trying to absorb what the Faeries wanted to tell me.

Each message was very personal, and as the reading continued I could piece together a patchwork quilt of messages, dealing with several arenas of my life, and yet all of it cohesive. Watch for this. Be aware of that. She would describe at length physical characteristics of people in my life that the Fae wanted to discuss until I could figure out their identities and weave them in to the over all tale.

Snipets from the conversation went like, "Whomever this woman is, They say that she looks like the face of this Faery."

"Oh, yes! That's Jacque you're describing! I'm sure of it." Light another cigarette. Pour another cup. "OHHHH! That's Dennis!! Of course! You're right, he's working on this project too."

This was like having a conversation with an entire community of Faeries. More than once, even when I told her "No, that's not right ..." she would listen, focus, and insist "No, They say it is." And I would cast my mind back and realize holy sh*t, she's right! *I'm* the one whose not remembering it right. Messages about the present and future, yes ... but also detailed insights into past events that even though she's my sister, she was unaware of.

Also (unknowingly) she repeated 2 distinct messages that I'd had from Umbrae's reading for me in early March. (Ok alright already! I'm thinking to myself, but grinning, as the Fae beat me over the head with it to make sure I would understand).

By the end of the reading an hour and a half later, I was so amazed and so information-full that I pleaded with her, "Please tell me that's it! I can't possibly absorb any more!!! You must be exhausted!"

She shakes her head, "Nah. The Faeries never tire me out."

:D Amazing~!

I rarely use my own Fae for large readings. After watching her in action, I'm so impressed that I have shades of the same old, "I could never do that" feeling that I used to get while listening to her read my Tarot. Ah well, that is the gift of inspiration ... to continue to reach for that which eludes our grasp. Thank you, sagitarian, for teaching and inspiring me so much and for being my incredible little sister. I hope whenever you find this post it makes you smile, and that you always remember how much I love and treasure you!!!


Ah thank you for sharing this Alissa!
It was very inspiring, as I am still just doing one card readings with my faeries.

I'm glad you and your sister had such a wonderful time!

Blessings to you both,


awww. Thanks!

Awwww, Alissa, thank you for being so sweet. I just did a reading the way i read. I'm glad that you got the information you needed and their message they thought to be so important to you in your life right now.

AND don't let her kid you guys, she did a palm reading for me that was fabulous, telling me different lines, what they mean, and how i am as a person. To quote Lord of the Rings "Things that are, Things that have been, and some things that have not yet come to pass" smiles and winks to her. She told me how my individualism means so much to me, how i'm very grounded and realistic, but I'm also a heavy thinker, turning thoughts around and around, not letting the pattern stagger me, but only so I can fully comprehend the entirity of the situation (or whatever it is in question) before making my decision or acting upon that of which i feel is right. That in my own way, i'm a perfectionist, but it's not obvious to others around me, how intuitive i am. Also, i don't have any money, lol. Which all is true. Like i said, don't let her fool you, she is just as good of a reader in her own right, and watch out if she busts out her universal waite deck! She knows that deck like no one else!

It's so much fun having you out here sis, i just love ya to pieces! I'm glad we were thrown in this life together and given the opportunity to enjoy it with each other!


You guys are sisters??!! You are sooooo lucky to each have such cool siblings. Are your parents readers also?



Alissa.. I loved this story! How cool... :eek:).... thank you for sharing!

I think I am getting the Faeries for Christmas, and reading this post has me even more excited.... ..


Wow! That's a great story, Alissa! Thank you for sharing it with the community!
I love readings like that. From time to time I have experiences of talking with faeries for 10-15 minutes. (Well, it's me who ruins the talk with doubts if it is possible :()


Well, I'm currently coaching our mother into reading. I just bought our mom her first deck. It's actually an oracle deck called the Goddess knowledge cards. Our father doesn't support this at all. But our mother has always had a good intuition about her naturally, so I'm going to help her tune in her intuition more finely.



(Alissa blinks ... wow someone bumped this thread from last spring!)

It's true, Mom maybe more open to the idea of it, but I think some of whatever we've inherited came from Dad's side, sag (Aunt June had it for sure).

But ya know ... personally, I think my sister and I hopped in this incarnation together (again), and that little of "who we are" inside comes from genetics, or family upbringing. It's more like ... soul genetics. We were hardly in an atmosphere that supported endeavors such as Tarot ... or anything "unconventional".

(Alissa reflects) My sister gives the BEST readings ....

For years I never bought a deck or read much on my own b/c I was spoiled by having such a talented sister to read for me any time I wanted.

:* Love you saggy!!! :*

(Alissa flies away, trailing pixie dust behind for you to enjoy)

Aura Wolf

You guys rule. That's it, I can't stand it anymore, I must get these cards...I don't know how I can hold off another day...


Yeah, the Faeries Oracle cards are really beautiful and really useful, and the text that goes with it has got *a lot* of wisdom in it. But as Jesa Macbeth (the woman who wrote the text) points out - the magic's in us, not in the cards. And that's true both for beginners, and for people who can read like sagitarian.