My son and the Faeries.


When I first got my Faeries' Oracle deck a year ago, my son and I sat down to look through them. He was five at the time. His favorite card, then and now, is The Friends. Faery Nuff and Laochan are his best faery buds. He's a faery freak (just like me :D ) and each night at bedtime when he says his prayers, he also says this poem that I made up for him:

Faery friend, faery friend,
Please come to me
Faery friend, faery friend,
Keep me company
Faery friend, faery friend,
I'll be waiting for you
Faery friend, faery friend,
Please come soon.

Every night he rushes to bed after saying that to see who has come to visit him for the night. He used to have horrid nightmares and wake up and crawl into bed with me. Since he began saying that poem and openly acknowledging the fae, he hasn't had one single nightmare!


Oh how delightful, velvetmirage!!!

Thank you for sharing that! :)


Oh I just love that little poem!
What a great way to call the faeries to come and play!

And I think it's very cool that your son is friends with the Friends!
They do make really good companions and playmates!


It's such a simple poem and was so spur of the moment, but he loves it and absolutely insists that we have to say it together each night. Of course this has the affect that I get my own faery visitors each night, but that's not so bad :D