Mystical Cats Tarot - Eight of Fire (Wands)


Three cats are present on this card. One is an orange tabby who seems to be sprinting, but unfortunately for them, rushing through a carpet is not necessarily the best idea. We can see a brownish-red and beige carpet folding under them as they're trying to run over it.
Two other cats are looking at the orange tabby, both on a wooden piece of furniture, one in a sitting position and the other one lying down.
The floor looks like it's made of some beige marble tiles. The scene is taking place indoors, but we can easily see outside through 3 arched openings in the back. The wall is brown and separates into 2 pillars in between the openings. The pillars have a typically Roman design and flames patterns above them. A short wall, beige in color, is supporting the pillars. 8 lighted standing torches are aligned on the short wall.
In the background, we can guess a couple of elements from the landscape. The Sun is either setting or rising and we can see a couple of stars shining in a not-so-dark blue sky. 2 trees can also be partially seen. On the right, it seems we're getting a glimpse of some far away mountains.

Colors : A lot of brown hues

According to the author, the situation is really like what it appears to be ; this cat decided to sprint for no apparent reason. It's something that might happen to you as well. ''If you need to move, move! Restlessness and an itch to make changes in your life should be heeded.'' Sometimes it's good to take your time to think before acting, to plan everything out. At some other times, it's also ok to follow your impulse and intuition and jump forward with all your energy!

Symbolism :

Sprinting : Represents sudden/fast action/activity, a burst of energy, going forward with something.

Slipping over the carpet : The message in this card is to listen to your random impulses and run forward even if you don't know why or where it's going to bring you. Still, to see the cat slipping over the carpet reminds me that it's always a good idea to check where your put your feet along the way, to prevent unnecessary slowdowns.

The 2 spectator cats : 2 cats are watching the orange tabby with some interest while resting on a piece of furniture. To me, they would represent society in general, which usually disapproves of impulsive behaviors. (Could also represent particular people like family members or friends.) Both cats are standing above the orange tabby, which could symbolize how some people think of themselves and their way of life as being above and better than anyone else's. But the orange tabby doesn't care. They probably didn't even notice those 2 cats watching and maybe even judging them.

Number 3 (cats, arched openings) : Number symbolizing vital force, positive energy, movement and dynamism.

Arches : Symbolize openings, choices, new beginnings/possibilities.

Pillars : Twin pillars represent duality. Life and death, positive and negative, etc. In tarot, its meaning is about balance.

Flame patterns : Symbol of energy, power, passion, action and creativity.

Standing torches : Like candles, it's a symbol of inner light and force. Also represents the Fire element.

Number 8 (torches) : Symbol of abundance, leadership, respect and power. Also on the side it represents the symbol for infinity.

Sunrise/sunset : Symbolizes a period of transition.

Stars : Represent goals, faith, inspiration, spiritual self and hope.

Trees : Symbol of life and connection to Earth, wisdom, spiritual growth, protection.

Mountains : Potential obstacles.

Brown vs orange : The color most standing out to me on this card is brown, which symbolizes stability and structure. The orange tabby is contrasting with that, the orange color representing boldness, confidence and extroverted individuals.