Mystical Cats Tarot - Eight of Sea (Cups)


A white and orange tabby cat is sitting on a flat rock in some arid area. Right next to him, a large cone-shaped seashell, golden orange in color, is holding up on some black stand. The cat has his ear very close to the opening of the seashell and seems to be listening, his eyes tightly shut. The shape of the seashell really reminds me of a gramophone or even a cornucopia.

Right behind is standing a very colorful object with an arched top. It reminds me of a jukebox, but it also looks like those Virgin Mary garden shrines you can see in many places.
It has a green base in the front with some wave designs on it.
In the middle section, there is what looks like a silver statue of a mermaid cat.
Right behind there is a blue and white rectangle, framed with some small blue and white tiles. On both sides there is a losange grid pattern on a green background.
The top section is designed like the inside of a fan-shaped shell and blue in color.
The outline is made of 4 rows of tiny blue and green tiles. At the top, 8 abalone shells are displayed over the tiles.

In the background of the card, we can see a large area of beige naked ground and some tall orange rocks further back. The sky is bright blue with many very pale white clouds.

Colors : Beige and blue shades.

According to the book, the cat indeed found an ancient shrine from his clan. Since he is a lost wanderer, this finding brings him comfort and a well deserved resting moment.
This card is asking you if, like this cat, you are living a period of isolation, if you have ''[…] become separated from the things that are most essential for your well-being.'' If this is the case, the advice given by the author is to ''[l]isten to your heart to find your way back home.''

Symbolism :

Arid area/desert : Has a symbolism somewhat opposite to the one of water, since arid areas are characterized by the absence or quasi-absence of water. Represents difficult/absence of life and of emotional growth, or hardships. Especially in this case, since we know how important water and the ocean are to cats of the Sea Clan, we can feel the contrast.

Seashells : Symbolize emotions, the unconscious mind, peace and love. Because they come from the sea/ocean, they are commonly associated with the same things as the water element.

Gramophone : This conical seashell's shape really reminded me of the horn part of a gramophone, which to me enhances how for this cat, the ''echo of the ocean's song'' is like music to his ears.

Cornucopia : Symbol of nourishment and abundance. In this case, the cat is feeding his soul with the comforting sound of the waves and this finding probably means a lot to him.

Closed eyes : Denotes well-being, relaxed state, trust, passiveness, rest.

Jukebox : Like the gramophone, symbolizes and enhances the importance of the music/sound the cat is listening to. Also, nowadays people will use a jukebox in some retro restaurant to play old records that remind them of their youth. Similarly, the cat in this card is listening to a sound reminding him of his long lost home.

Shrine : Sacred space dedicated to a specific object of veneration. Would symbolize the belief associated with it, in this case the Sea Clan's worshipping of the Sea and its creatures.

Green (base) : This color symbolizes growth, hope, life, rebirth and positive energy.

Waves : Represent intense emotions, in this case it might simply be there to represent the water element.

Mermaid : Mythical creatures of the sea, mermaids are said to have enchanting voices that will charm sailors passing by. Those men would feel attracted so much, that they would forget all logic and follow what their heart and soul are telling them to do. (Which usually didn't have a happy ending in most of the ancient tales!)
It's also possible that cats of the Sea Clan simply worship some cat mermaid as one of their god(ddess).

Silver : Metal of the Moon, associated with emotions, healing, psychic realm, intuition, feminine energy.

Abalone shells : Used in lithotherapy to help with emotional issues and balancing the emotional mind. It also helps in opening yourself to your intuition.

Number 8 (abalone shells) : This number represents honor, respect, rewards and power.

Mountains (tall orange rocks) : It's hard to tell from afar, but they remind me of the mountains present in the RWS depiction of the 8 of Cups. Mountains represent potential obstacles.

Sky : Symbolizes freedom, infinity.

Blue color : Contrasts a lot with the beige/orange of the landscape. Symbolizes emotions, the psychic realm, calmness, healing and spirituality, peace, harmony.