Mystical Cats Tarot - Seven of Earth (Pentacles)


We can see a grey spotted tabby cat lying down while she's carefully watching over a hole in the ground. The hole is at the base of a mound or steep slope and looks like the typical arched mouse hole (according to the book, it's in fact a rabbit burrow).
The ground is bare where the cat is lying, but various plants can be seen around, including some moss, weeds and grass. Seven white mushrooms are growing on the moss.
We can see the base of a tree on top of the mound, its long surface roots showing all around it.

Colors : Green and brown.

This card is about being patient and persistent in order to achieve your goal. It advises you to accept to be passive for a while, ''[…] in calm acceptance of the rightness of waiting.'' You can't be 100% sure of the outcome yet, but your efforts are worth it.

Symbolism :

Lying down (body position) : Denotes apparent passiveness.

Rabbit burrow : Everyone knows the expression ''down the rabbit hole'', which means to leap into the unknown. At an abstract level, if the rabbit hole represents a world of wonders and uncertainties, it's like if this cat was pondering over her own uncertain future. For now, instead of leaping forward, she decided to patiently wait.

Mushrooms : Hold varied symbolism, depending on the context. Here they could probably represent growth and the cycle of life.

Number 7 (mushrooms, leafy twigs) : This number is related to forces beyond one's control and the use of inner resources to overcome challenges.

Tree : Symbol of life and connection to Earth, wisdom, spiritual growth, protection. Trees also give us a lesson of patience, as they continue to grow slowly but surely, always adapting to their changing environment.

Roots : Hold a symbolism similar to the tree, but with an emphasis on groundedness/feeling anchored to the Earth. Roots also remind us that growth doesn't only happen openly/actively, but also under the surface (in our subconscious mind).

Green color : Associated with growth, hope, life, rebirth and positive energy.

Brown color : Associated with structure and stability.