Mystical Cats Tarot - Seven of Sky (Swords)


We can see 2 cats on this card, one grey tabby and one brown tabby.
The grey tabby is lying on his belly and is keeping a mouse captive by holding its tail under his left front paw.
The brown tabby is standing with her right front paw up, while she's facing the other side towards a flight of 7 red-winged blackbirds.
Both cats are located outdoors on some beige ground and in the background, we can see some grass, a bare tree on the right and a Roman temple on the left.
The sky is very pale grey in color, almost white.

Colors : Nothing particularly stands out to me.

Without the book, I wouldn't have guessed what exactly is going on on this card. The brown tabby indeed looks distracted by the birds, but I wouldn't have guessed she was about to be robbed from her meal. ''Because of too many distractions, you are in danger of losing something valuable to you.'' As opposed to the traditional RWS depiction of the 7 of Swords, this card is putting the emphasis on the victim instead of the culprit. Like with the other cards from this deck, it gives a useful advice as to how to deal with a specific life situation or person. In this case, it acts as a warning card, telling you to be more attentive if you don't want to be deceived.

Symbolism :

Red-winged blackbirds : Symbolize the need to ground yourself, to follow your intuition and to awaken a deeper awareness. Also represent the Air element in this card.

Number 7 (birds) : Represent forces beyond one's control and the need to use inner ressources to overcome challenges.

Bare tree : Symbolizes the cycle of life and the hope for a new beginning. This tree likely lost all its leaves because of the coming of winter, but it will get them back when spring will come. Likewise, even if you lost something important, it might be possible for you to get it back.

Roman temple : Ancient buildings supported by strong pillars, Roman temples symbolize structure and stability. Temples in general also relate to faith and devotion.

Cloudy sky : Warning of potential problems/obstacles. Grey is the color of uncertainty.