Mystical Cats Tarot - Six of Earth (Pentacles)


4 cats are sitting around a large bowl filled with food. The scene is taking place indoors. One cat looks rather large and has a curly beige coat, one is a small grey tabby and the other two are little grey tabby kittens. The 3 tabby cats seem to have some dirt on them in a few spots.
The beige cat is licking the adult tabby's head, making magical purple sparkles appear.
The large silver bowl is full of brown food, seemingly various meat and seafood. There are 6 green stones decorating the bowl. The adult tabby has her front paws on a small brown and green footstool.
In the background, there is a small round table on the left with a jar full of leaves sitting on it. 2 green curtains are open on the right, allowing us to see a black bed or chair right behind with a large white cushion covering it. A small mirror is hanging from the wall behind it.
The floor is beige in color and the visible walls are pale brown and yellow.

Colors : Mostly green and shades between brown and yellow.

The Six of Earth is like the positive outcome of what is happening in the Five of Earth. If you ever get in a difficult situation, you might possibly receive a helping hand from a generous soul. This card is telling you ''[…] that there's no shame in accepting help when it's needed.''
It's also telling us to be the generous one when we're in a position to do so, to make sure the endless cycle of kindness can go on.

Symbolism :

Large and small cats : Size, height and overall shape are often indicative of health, strength or wealthiness (in artistic depictions). For example, I find that the adult tabby looks way more vulnerable than the beige cat. When I first saw the card, I thought the beige cat was the mother and the larger tabby was an adolescent kitty.

Mutual grooming : Cats will often lick/groom each others, especially in the head and neck area. It's a way of showing their affection and it's also a sign of trust and that they feel comfortable around each other. Here the purple 'magical' sparkles seem to be telling us a 'special' bond has been made between the 2 cats.

Dirty coats : Cats are very clean creatures, so the 3 of them being covered with some dirt shows us how bad their situation had become. Without having any background information, one could easily guess those were homeless cats who struggled to survive, not even managing to keep their precious fur spotless.

Silver bowl : Like gold, silver is a symbol of wealth.

Green stones : If I had to guess, I'd say they are emeralds. It's a very popular and expensive gemstone with a long history of symbolism from various cultures. It's one of the few stones used in jewelry which is considered 'precious' instead of 'semi-precious'. Egyptians associated emerald with rebirth. It's also related with growth, reflection, peace, balance, healing and fertility.
Green stones in general are associated with prosperity, wealth, balance and the Heart Chakra.

Number 6 (stones) : Associated with harmony, balance and social responsibility.

Green color : Symbolizes growth, hope, life, rebirth and positive energy. Associated with the Heart Chakra, which is the chakra of balance and love. It's related to the harmony with the earth and the compassion for all beings.

Brown color : Represents structure and stability, but also a connection with the Earth and humility.

Various 'home' objects : The bed, curtains, decoration, etc, give a feeling of comfort and protection.