Mystical Cats Tarot - Six of Fire (Wands)


A big tabby cat is lying on the ground, their head turned towards us. They have a good sampling of toys next to them, along with some flowers. A small flame, seemingly of magical origin, is burning over their head.
Behind this cat, 5 other ones are coming from different directions with cat toys in their mouths. It looks like they intend to make offerings to the tabby cat with the flame.
They are located outdoors, seemingly in the wild and it's nighttime. They are all walking on flat naked ground, but many trees can be seen in the background. The sky is dark grey in color and many stars are visible, along with the Milky Way.

Colors : The cats are all of different colors and there are many colorful objects, so nothing particularly stands out to me.

This card is about the relationship between a leader and the people who are happily following this leader. The job of a leader is not only to command, but also to inspire others and to be a role model. Some people even have this effect without officially being the 'boss' or 'chief' of anyone. They ''inspire just by the warmth of their personal charisma.''
The advice this card is giving is simple : ''Accept the responsibilities that come with personal achievement.''

Symbolism :

Flame : Symbol of energy, power, passion, action and creativity.

Number 6 (cats) : Symbolizes harmony, balance and social responsibility.

Catnip flowers : Magical cat herb, loved by most cats.

Gold and red objects : Symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Bells : Symbolize celebrations, ceremonies, messages and happiness.

Catfish : Symbolizes an opportunity for growth, emotional balance and prosperity.

Wreath : It might simply be a circular toy made of cord, but upon seeing it, I immediately thought of the traditional laurel wreath (also present on the traditional RWS depiction of this card). The laurel wreath is a roman symbol for martial victory, used to crown the successful commander.

Canary : Canaries and yellow birds in general commonly symbolize joy and positivity.

Mouse : Symbolizes resourcefulness, modesty and determination.

Trees : Symbol of life and connection to Earth, wisdom, spiritual growth, protection.

Stars : Represent goals, faith, inspiration, spiritual self and hope.

Milky Way/galaxy : Symbolizes open mindedness, freedom, creativity. What we see is a concentration of stars, so the associated meanings could be the same, but enhanced.