Mystical Cats Tarot - Six of Sea (Cups)


We can see a large pool in which 3 kittens are swimming. 3 other kittens are on the edge of the pool, with 2 of them being in the act of jumping in. The last one is leaning forward and seems to be looking at his reflection in the water.
The walls of the pool are made of blue tiles and the floor around it is grey. Behind the pool there is a beige wall with a row of blue tiles at the bottom and a large painting hanging on it.
The frame is made of small blue tiles and the painting shows a white tiger swimming among large waves.

Colors : Pale blue, very soothing.

This card is about the playfulness and carelessness of childhood. As the author puts it ''Youthfulness of spirit keeps life joyful.'' It's advising you to take things a bit more lightheartedly. Use your imagination and free yourself!

Symbolism :

Pool : Like any other water source, it's associated with the emotions and the unconscious, but also with emotional cleansing.

Blue color : Associated with emotions, the psychic realm, calmness, healing and spirituality, peace, harmony.

Number 6 (kittens) : Symbolizes harmony and balance.

Swimming : Symbolizes the immersion into the subconscious mind and the emotional realm.

Jumping : Being a quick leap forward, could easily symbolize the playfulness and carelessness aspects of the card.

Reflection/mirror : In many cultures, people used to believe mirrors were reflecting the soul/unconscious self/spiritual mind, in other words, your true self.

Picture frame : Used to enhance a painting or photograph, it bring our attention to it. It could be telling us that this painting is not only there as a decoration, but is meaningful to the pool's users.

White tiger : Associated with the West wind, which is commonly related with the emotional realm, transformation and healing.
In Asian cultures, the tiger's symbolism is similar to what we typically associate with the lion. King of all animals, symbol of power, fierceness, protection and unpredictability. Since they are good swimmers, they are also associated with the emotional realm. White is the color of purity and innocence.

Waves : Symbolize intense emotions.