Mystical Cats Tarot - Six of Sky (Swords)


An orange tabby cat is walking away from a fight, an unhappy look displayed on his face. There are a few wounds on his face, but nothing that looks too serious.
While he is walking in some tall grass, the one on which the cats are fighting behind seem to be short.
There are 5 cats fighting all claws out and teeth ready to snap, their bodies and limbs flying around in the middle of a pile of dust and debris. 6 yellow leaves are also flying around.
In the background, we can see a layer of white fog or diffuse clouds right above the ground. The sky gradually turns to blue and a few defined white clouds can be seen.

Colors : A lot of yellow/orange and green.

This card's main advice is to remind us that whenever something goes wrong, we should not forget about our option to leave everything behind and abandon for now. It's not necessarily a sign of weakness, but one of intelligence and of survival instinct. Do not give in to social pressure and remember that ''[t]hose whose opinions matter to you most will understand and support you.''

Symbolism :

Number 6 (cats, leaves) : Associated with harmony, balance and social responsibility.

Green color : Symbolizes growth, hope, life, rebirth and positive energy.

Yellow leaves : I believe those leaves might be there to represent the Air element. Yellow symbolizes the Air element and the intellect. Also the leaves are flying around in the air.
But I would also add that dead leaves remind me of the cycle of life. In the Fall, many leaves turn to yellow, red or orange, fall from trees and die. They return to the ground and become nourishment for the future life that will emerge the Spring after. So thoses leaves can remind us that even if you fall, you can always start over when you're ready.

Fog : Symbolizes the unconscious mind and confusion.

White clouds : Symbolize clear thoughts. I think it's interesting how we go from a thick layer of fog/confusion to defined clouds/clear thinking. It seems to follow the cat's mental evolution.