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I thought I would get the ball rolling agian :D.

Looking at this card - the ram reminds me of a flying pig - no idea why.

But to me this card spells out that someone is going to go flying towards their goal or destiny with guns a blazing. There is fire in this persons eyes and passion. They know what they want and are going for it.

Just my dodgy thoughts!



LOL oops! Thanks Free Flight!

Free Flight

Hi Moonlight

I like your interpretation of this card - not dodgy at all. :)
My thoughts are similar to yours (apart from the flying pig LOL), he does seem to be someone leaping/flying towards the future, all guns a-blazing.

The little boy is flying on a Ram which is indicative of the sign of Aries which ties in with this card being a WAND - Aries is a fire sign.

For some reason I always see the sun as setting in this card and the boy holds a burning wand to light his way...Dark times are ahead but he hold his own light (and the future in his own hands) and is therefore filled with confidence.

The actual burning wand he holds is a huge flame isn't it! I would be pretty careful holding such a flame in my head especially when flying around the could set fire to my hair...but this boy has no such fear of getting burnt.

I see the boy (and the Ram) looking ahead and being very focussed on where they are going. He is not looking back, nor sideways. He is intent on what he sees ahead, the future. He is also flying or leaping about the place so I dont see as particularly grounded just following his aim/dream with a passion.

Just my two cents worth

x FF


His face is flustered too - his cheaks are red. It looks like he is tired but still pushing towards his dream/goal. He won't give up!

Free Flight

Yes I had noticed this...But I feel his cheeks are not just red but almost feverish like he is possessed with the fire within him..Have i gone too far?


No you arent going too far - I tottally agree 100%


It's the golden ram. His fleece was the same that Jason had to get. It's the origin where that ram was alive. Shortly after landing, he got sacrificed to a god (I forgot the one).


Mythic Tarot - Page Wands

Phrixus rides on the back of a golden-fleeced ram as it flies through the air. He holds a flaming wand aloft, its fire streaming into the wind behind him.

  • son of King Athamas, he and his sister Helle were conceived during the king’s marriage to a phantom-woman named Nephele, who the king married at Zeus’ command
  • after Nephele vanished, the king married Ino, who was jealous of both children
  • Nephele plotted to have the harvest fail and then claimed that the Oracle of Delphi demanded that Phrixus be sacrificed to Zeus to lift the curse; this was her way of getting her own child to become heir to the throne
  • Zeus resented having his name used in this plot and sent the golden ram to rescue Phrixus
  • as he mounted the ram, Phrixus pulled his sister Helle up with him, but during the flight she lost her hold and fell into the sea
  • upon reaching Colchis, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus as his deliverer
  • fire in its most delicate and fragile beginnings – the first stirrings of creative inspiration which usually manifest as a kind of restlessness and unease with existing conditions
  • he is the messenger or stage-setter who opens the action before the better-known heroes enter the stage
  • messenger who brings new ideas and forms the basis for new ventures to begin
  • the beginning of a new phase in which the creative world must be developed and given a new lease on life
  • the beginnings of the creative imagination are usually at odds with more realistic people and the demands and responsibilities of the mundane world
  • irritability and restlessness which often provokes others and causes problems in one’s personal life and work
  • the beginnings of a new creative idea need to be cared for, protected and nurtured lest they be put out by the jealousy or anger of others or by one’s own negativity and narrowness
  • these early young ideas are often childlike (or childish) and don’t reflect the final form which ends in a major creative effort; often the early concept vanishes to be replaced with something better and stronger
  • a pointer to the power of the imagination, suggesting that there’s a lot more where the first idea came from
  • an inspirational or artistic person may enter one’s life or an opportunity will rise for one to develop creative talents through career or study
Random Thoughts
  • get out of Dodge fast!
  • someone else is plotting ill against you
  • others’ back-office machinations that will have a direct effect on one
  • a personal loss that must be endured because you’re a part of something bigger than you know