Mythic Tarot - Ace Swords


Athene stands in battle armor, wearing a war helmet as she holds a double-edged silver sword.

  • goddess of justice, she is the one who finally resolves the curse on the House of Atreus, in which Orestes finds himself trapped
  • goddess of wisdom and of the art of warfare
  • she has the ability to see things from a higher perspective, allowing her to see the best course of action to take
  • suggests the importance of a clear and balanced mind
  • represents the need to put feelings aside and closely review the current situation
  • intelligence, clarity, foresight and wisdom
  • use of intelligence over brute force
  • the fair administration of justice by a jury
  • double edge indicates the cutting power of the mind to formulate ideas and convictions, which in turn spur actions, which in turn have consequences; this mental power can generate both terrible suffering and sublime new resolutions
  • symbol of the passionate and rigid adherence to principles that starts the conflict and of the new and more viable principle that resolves and ends the conflict
  • immense energy that goes along with conflict before a final resolution can be reached
  • “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” means that those who engage in aggression or violence will meet their death in a similar fashion
  • a burst of raw energy as the initial eruption of a new world-view
  • beginning of a great conflict between the old order and the new world-view
  • the awakening of mental powers that usually conflict with one’s existing beliefs
  • arguments, debates and quarrels that occur as one tries out the new world-view
  • inevitable and irrevocable change
  • quarrels and strife that originate with man’s arrogance
  • a change to come that will have far-reaching consequences
Random Thoughts
  • the power of the mind may be greater than the Querent can handle right now (Athene looks like the sword might be too heavy for her)
  • one is on the right track, but isn’t quite there yet since the sword is still tilted

Keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 26Oct91 was "impending change".



rwcarter said:
[*]the power of the mind may be greater than the Querent can handle right now (Athene looks like the sword might be too heavy for her)
Athene is one of my favourites in Greek Myth. :) I like what you have said here Rodney. If we see the sword as representative of the mind or intellect, then I think the fact that it is so big compared to Athene is interesting. I see it as a sign that the intellect or the mind is so powerful that even the will of the goddess pales in comparison. Perhaps a sign that right now mindset is of critical importance as far as how the situation is playing out. Or, possibly, that the situation at hand is very much as a result of the state of ones mind. Alternatively, if the sword was to represent conflict, then.....well, watch out!