Mythic Tarot - Ace Wands


Zeus, king of the gods stands before snow-capped peaks. The Golden Fleece is draped over his shoulder and trails onto the ground. He steadies a huge flaming wand with his left hand and he holds a globe of the world in his right hand.

  • the initiator and moving power behind the tale of Jason and the Golden Fleece
  • one of his oldest representations was as a ram-headed deity who was the invisible creative power that generated the manifest universe
  • symbol of one’s invisible creative power of the imagination, which can’t be grasped, yet which is responsible for all that one strives for and creates in one’s life
  • representation of the volatile side of Zeus as a force of nature whose power is within each of us
  • the capacity to see a future potential that is different from and greater than the reality in which one finds oneself
  • creative, imaginative and inspirational vision
  • a new inspiration that has not yet become formulated
  • a new cycle of creative activity that inspires one to action and struggle for new goals and achievements at the risk of failure and/or consequences
  • a sense of restlessness, and a feeling of life opening up
  • the beginning of a great journey based on vision and imagination where limitations are challenged and overcome, and where one’s life is never the same as a result
  • the confidence to start a new venture
Random Thoughts
  • the fleece represents an unobtainable goal, or at least a hard-to-obtain goal
  • being presented with a challenge that one doesn’t have to accept, but that one does because it’s a challenge
  • something that pulls one out of one’s comfort zone and that thrusts one in new and different directions
  • one who would let the risk of failure stop them should remember that it’s not whether one wins or loses but that one took the chance

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 16Nov91 was "undirected creative energy".