Mythic Tarot - Eight Pentacles


Daedelus starts over again in a new workshop, this time in Sicily. He works on one pentacle while seven unfinished pentacles lay on the ground before him. Grape-laden vines stand before him.

  • the apprentice
  • a mature student
  • working hard to develop new skills
  • dedication and single-minded energy
  • a new venture that’s a departure from what one has done before
  • post mid-life crisis
  • realization that one can still continue to grow and make new things manifest
  • the energy, enthusiasm for hard work and thirst for knowledge shown by those who have some life experience under their belts
Random Thoughts
  • someone who always seems to land on his feet
  • older and wiser
  • knowing who you’re hiring
  • having learned from one’s mistakes
  • one’s last chance to do good

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "starting anew".



He's working so hard. He doesn't even have time to look up or talk. He's busy with work or study. The colors are beautiful and the sun is shining so it seems as though he is enjoying being productive. He's already completed seven so he's probably in the zone and feeling confident in his skills and chances of success.