Mythic Tarot - Five Pentacles


Having killed his nephew out of jealousy, Daedelus creeps away from his workshop in the dark of night. As a symbol of the success that he must now leave behind, the workshop is now a building covered in grapevines and adorned with five pentacles.

  • loss
  • warning about the consequences of how one responds to the challenge of competition
  • the result of trying to cling to one’s past position
  • financial loss
  • loss of sense of direction and/or faith in oneself because one has confused self-value with material security
  • the need to let go because if material disaster comes, then it was somehow necessary
  • material disaster as the outgrowth of a wrong or inappropriate attitude
  • loss or material difficulties that ultimately lead to an inner transformation that allows one to not only regain material success but also develop a more solid inner center that can cope with the challenges brought about by success
  • losing everything as the result of trying to hold onto what one has achieved
  • bringing hardship and downfall upon oneself
Random Thoughts
  • the barren landscape reflects the barrenness of Daedelus’ soul
  • sneaking away
  • making a hasty exit
  • faded glory
  • the need for one to “clean (one’s own) house”
  • action/reaction, actions have consequences
  • going from being on top of the world to being on the bottom of it
  • hitting rock bottom

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "difficulty or loss".