Mythic Tarot - Four Swords


Orestes is in exile, unaware of what has transpired between his parents. He sits peacefully on the ground contemplating the swords laid out in front of him.

  • a quiet time when one can withdraw and think
  • emotional recuperation after an outbreak of conflict
  • a time for reflection so that one can put things into perspective
  • a time of preparation before one has to make necessary changes as a result of the conflict
  • a building up of strength and a marshalling of inner reserves in a place where one can be still and introspective
  • a place of quiet that one instinctively seeks out after some major disruptive or painful event
  • needing time along to examine the pattern of what has happened
  • the need for silence and solitude before rejoining the world
  • calm after the storm
  • convalescence and recovery
Random Thoughts
  • ignorance is bliss
  • “I vant to be alone”
  • the arrangement of the swords suggests that at this point at least that no conflict is directed towards Orestes – it’s all directed away from him

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14Mar92 was "introspection".